Last episode of blackadder goes forth

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last episode of blackadder goes forth

Blackadder Goes Forth: Complete Series by Richard Curtis

With a yah boo sucks to you, Fritzy, hot tiddly tumble, its off to the Western Front in 1917. Captain Blackadder, hero of Mbot Gorge, joined the British Army when it was little more than a travel agency for gentlemen with an abnormally high sex drive. Now he finds himself crammed into a sewer, twenty yards from a lot of heavily armed people who want to kill him. Worse still, he takes his orders from two homicidal maniacs, one who called the Charge of the Light Brigade a victory for common sense and the other called Darling. Ever ready with a cunning plan, Blackadder actively avoids duty by taking up art, shooting the Generals favourite bird, probing the hospital nurse and learning to fly. But will his attempts to push off be enough when the Big Push comes? Rowan Atkinson stars as Captain Blackadder in Richard Curtis’ and Ben Elton’s award-winning comedy. This collection includes the following episodes: Captain Cook, Corporal Punishment, Major Star, Private Plane, General Hospital and Goodbyeee.

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Blackadder S 4 E 5 General Hospital

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Back in , fans of British comedy institution Blackadder must have wondered how its writers hoped to wring laughs from the harrowing backdrop of World War One. But in the end, its fourth and final series was a triumph. Both powerfully funny, and simply powerful too. Ben Elton and Richard Curtis managed that rare trick of turning a TV sitcom into something much more sobering, and poignant. A comedy it may be.

From cunning plans to desperate measures

The episode depicts its main characters' final hours before a British offensive on the Western Front of the First World War , and Captain Blackadder 's attempts to escape his fate by feigning madness; after he fails to convince General Melchett , and Field Marshal Haig 's advice proves useless, he resigns himself to taking part in the push. Goodbyeee has a darker tone than other episodes in the series, culminating in its acclaimed ending in which the main characters are assumed to die in machine-gun fire. The episode's theme of death ties in with the series' use of gallows humour , its criticism and satire of war, and its depiction of authority figures contentedly sending their subordinates to face the enemy, while unwilling to do so themselves. Richard Curtis and Ben Elton wrote the episode, and further material was provided by cast members. Its final sequence, which shows the main characters going "over the top", uses slow motion, as the programme's creators were unhappy with the result of the scripted ending.


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