Come back little sheba review

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come back little sheba review

Measure What Matters by John Doerr

This book is bad.

The first 18% of the book is simply silicon valley hero worshipping, basically the author bragging about all the cool people he has worked with and why they are so important and genius and surely everything that follows must be of importance because he has worked with important people.

This book is nothing more than a bunch of case studies. As always with these case studies, they are extremely specific to the companies under observation and you will not learn anything from this that you can repeat in your own company.

Most importantly, the book fails to provide any proof that OKRs were what actually drove the companies to success. These were all companies that were faced with some existential threat and therefore the management decided what is the most important new metric and then made everyone work long hours in order to meet that metric. You can achieve that with any management technique.

Furthermore, there is not a single chapter that defines in detail what OKRs are, how they are implemented in a company, what software should be used to guide the implementation, what should be done when someone fails their objectives, and so on and so forth. Instead, in each case study you will find one orange box that shows a sample OKR that was presumably taken from that company at the time. I assume these are all bullshit and made up by the author, but even if not, they are so glaringly obvious, and simple, you dont need to be a manager or expert to make them up. These cant be what drove those companies to success, no way, the secret sauce lies somewhere else and is not revealed in this book.

By the way, if you are in the tough spot of trying to find that magic thing that matters the most for your business to measure, dont read this book - despite the clickbait title - this book isnt about that. Sure you can use OKRs to measure things and be transparent about it - but WHAT TO MEASURE is still up to you to figure out.

As far as I can tell, the entire OKR idea fits on one DIN A4 page, so I would say, this book isnt at all about how to use OKRs, instead it is to celebrate a few lucky silicon valley success stories.

And granted: that alone can be quite inspiring. I will try to implement this in my own companies, but Ill need some other reading material to succeed with that. This book is merely here to kindle the flame.
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Opening Night: Come Back, Little Sheba

It tells the story of a loveless marriage that is rocked when a young woman rents a room in the couple's house. The title refers to the wife's little dog that disappeared months before the story begins and that she still openly grieves for.
John Doerr

Come Back, Little Sheba

But where is the logo at the top of the BWW Page? You can have your say, You can set you goals And seize the day, You've been given the freedom To work your way To the head of the line- To the head of the line! The play, nearly 60 years old, flirts with soap opera and the most obvious of imagery in the telling of its sad but surprisingly resilient tale. But if done right - and it is here in a fine production from Manhattan Theatre Club - "Sheba" delivers a heartbreaking portrait of a marriage dissolving in the disappointments of unrealized hopes and dreams Epatha Merkerson, best known for her role as Lt.

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Yet as S. Epatha Merkerson portrays this housebound wife of an alcoholic, in a performance that stops the heart, her gaze is anything but empty. In those moments Ms. In them you read, with a clarity that scalds, thoughts that Lola would never admit she is thinking. Because if she did, there would really be no reason for her to keep on living. The marvel of Ms. Merkerson is principally known as Lt.

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