Is rl stine still writing

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is rl stine still writing

R.L. Stine answers your questions — Ask the Author

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Goosebumps Stories That Weren't Allowed To Be Printed with R.L. Stine

13 Things You Want to Know About R.L. Stine

Stine has been referred to as the " Stephen King of children's literature" [1] and is the author of hundreds of horror fiction novels, including the books in the Fear Street , Goosebumps , Rotten School , Mostly Ghostly , and The Nightmare Room series. Some of his other works include a Space Cadets trilogy, two Hark gamebooks, and dozens of joke books. As of , Stine's books have sold over million copies. He grew up in Bexley, Ohio. He began writing at age nine, when he found a typewriter in his attic, subsequently beginning to type stories and joke books. Stine wrote dozens of humor books for kids under the name Jovial Bob Stine and created the humor magazine Bananas. Whitehead, Bob K.

Stine doesn't believe in ghosts. Or vampires, sasquatches, wise-cracking demonic ventriloquist's dummies, or any of the other supernatural creatures who've crept through the pages of his mega-bestselling children's horror series, Goosebumps. And he's shocked that anyone else does. At his readings, Stine tells Bustle, he likes to tell a ghost story, then ask the audience if anyone there has ever had their own run-in with the undead. And their hands [stay up], all these kids who think they've seen ghosts.

Reader beware, you're in for some brand-new scares! Parker, who just dropped dead on the keyboard. Anyway, I just signed on to do six more Goosebumps books. In recent years, Stine's ouput has declined, when compared to his feverish writing of the s. It was during this time that he helmed two separate horror series, whose new books were released on a regular, monthly basis: Goosebumps and Fear Street.

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He's been scaring people all around the world for a lot of years. So far, he has sold over million books and his books have been translated into 35 languages, making him one of the best-selling authors in history. His mother was a home-maker. His father was a shipping clerk in a warehouse. Bob has a younger brother and sister, Bill and Pam.

Find out the answers to the most frequently asked questions about the author who gave us Goosebumps! Do you know what R. Or what his favorite book is? Read on to find out. When I started writing horror, I decided to use my intials because they sounded more serious.


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