I d rather be here now

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i d rather be here now

Shift Your Thinking for a Deeper Faith (Library Edition): 99 Ways to Strengthen Your Relationship with God, Others, and Yourself by Dean Del Sesto

In the busyness of life, its easy to get distracted and disconnected from the many promises God has made about who he is, the strength we find in him, and the abundance of spiritual tools, abilities, and assets we have at our disposal. These are not necessarily things we have to search out to acquire--they already exist within us. And Dean Del Sesto wants to help you access them every day.

With hard-hitting truths, memorable quotes, and powerful perspective shifts, Del Sesto helps you connect (or reconnect) at a deeper level to the power, potential, and purpose you already have so that you can live your life with greater freedom, resilience, and wisdom. Perfect for business professionals on the go, the busy student, the active parent, and anyone who needs a boost of spiritual strength at any time, this book promises to help you live your life from an internal resolve rather than in reaction to your external circumstances.
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Johnny Mathis - I'd Rather Be Here With You

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You will find joy wherever you are with this mindset. You may not want to be where you are right now, but this is where you need and are needed to be for now. By being valuable where you are, you fulfill a purpose and prepare yourself for your next stop. At least be like Seinfeld and bring a Chocolate Babka. Make people glad that you are there for what you bring. You are commenting using your WordPress.

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I'd Rather Be Here Now

You know because I sent out an e-mail to family and friends that was printed in the church newsletter. But there were some things that I didn't write about in that e-mail, and there are some things that after a year, I am now seeing clearly for the first time. Last year at this time I was driving a little red hatch-back Nissan Sentra. I loved that car. The saying comes partially from a book by Ram Dass entitled Be Here Now which is a book about being in the present moment—something which Buddhism talks about, and which I think Jesus is talking about which he says, "Do not worry about tomorrow, for tomorrow will worry about itself.


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