To kill a mockingbird read along chapter 9

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to kill a mockingbird read along chapter 9

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To Kill A Mockingbird by Harper Lee Part 1 Chapter 9 Audiobook Read Aloud

To Kill a Mockingbird, Ch. 9

For the first time in decades, Maycomb gets snow. School is closed, so Jem and Scout spend their day trying to build a snowman. That night, Miss Maudie's house burns to the ground. Jem and Scout are sent to wait in front of the Radleys' while the fire is still raging. Boo Radley walks up and puts a blanket around a shivering Scout's shoulders, but both she and Jem are too engrossed in the fire to notice. The next day, Scout is surprised to find Miss Maudie in good spirits, working in her yard and talking about expanding her garden. Near Christmastime, a classmate taunts Scout with the news that Atticus is defending a black man.

Aunt Alexandra's son, Francis, and Scout do not get along. Francis taunts Scout and calls Atticus a "Nigger lover", so Scout punches him in the face. As punishment, Uncle Jack gives Scout a beat, but Francis does not get in trouble at all. How not? Uncle Jack put his hands on his hips and looked down at me. Uncle Jack sat down on the bed. His eyebrows came together, and he peered up at me from under them.

To Kill a Mockingbird. Chapter 9. By Harper Lee. I was ready to punch Cecil Jacobs in the face. Atticus looked at me amused. Atticus said that he was defending a Negro by the name of Tom Robinson. He lives in the houses beyond the town dump.

Harper Lee

It is a case he cannot hope to win, but he tells Scout that he must argue it to uphold his sense of justice and self-respect. Scout generally gets along well with Uncle Jack, but when he arrives in Maycomb, she begins cursing in front of him a habit that she has recently picked up. After supper, Jack has Scout sit on his lap and he warns her not to curse in his presence. She also has to put up with the prim and proper Alexandra, who insists that Scout dress like a lady instead of wearing pants. Francis tells Alexandra and Uncle Jack that Scout hit him, and Uncle Jack spanks her without hearing her side of the story.



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