How to absorb information when reading

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how to absorb information when reading

How To Read A Book A Day: The Ultimate Guide To Quickly Retain And Absorb Information by Thomas Dev Brown

How to Read a Book a Day is a short book that takes less than an hour to read. Surprisingly, it has useful information. Its not new advice; Ive heard this technique before, but I like his presentation. Unlike other books and websites on this subject, he explains why and how this technique works. If youre familiar with Paretos 80/20 principle, then you might know where this book is heading.

I love that he suggests creating mind maps after youve read the book to help you with your review. Whats also helpful is that he explains the difference between memorizing and learning. If you cant teach the information in your own words, then you didnt learn it. He recommends that you first practice the technique daily with informational books and to use a different book each day, but you can also use it for fiction. He has a nice list of tips at the end to summarize what youve read which helps to reinforce the information.

He mentions presidents who were well-known for being avid readers and some reading a book a day. A book a day doesnt have to be seven books a week. It can be four or five if you have a busy schedule. Id love to read and comprehend four or five books a week because Im currently struggling to read two a week when I have other things going on such as a full-time job, exercise, writing a novel, keeping up with my house, getting together with friends, etc. Time can easily get away from you. If I can read more books in less time, I would be ecstatic.

As a book reviewer, Im always looking for ways to read more books, but still maintain my comprehension. Its tough when you see other book reviewers reading over 200 books a year and Im struggling to reach 100. Im hoping this method works. I havent actually tried it yet, but thats my project for the week. Ideally, I should wait to review this after Ive tried his technique, but Im feeling confident.

The Kindle book is currently $4.99, but if you have Kindle Unlimited, you can read it for free. Its still worth the $4.99, so give it a try.
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Active Reading // 3 Easy Methods

Absorbing Information The Efficient Way: Reading Guide

Imagine if you had a bucket of water. How many times would you keep filling the bucket? The first time you noticed the leak, you'd take action You'd either fix the bucket or you'd get another bucket, wouldn't you? Yet that's not at all the way we learn. And if you look at the pyramid you'll see something really weird. That weird thing is that you're wasting time.

Accepting that new wisdom no matter what can be more difficult than it can seem at first. Tony Robbins in his Personal Power II talks about some law of attraction nonsense and he has some silly things to say about financial investment. If I had let that one take away from the overall message, I would have lost on an otherwise breathtakingly beautiful program. Sometimes the gold nuggets are to be picked among tons of stones. But they also completely missed the genius in the book. They allowed the bunch to spoil the few amazing apples.

1. Skim it first.

With the constant distractions around you, it can be hard to absorb what you read in a meaningful way. - I love to read, but not all business reading is particularly entertaining or well written.

But just because forgetting is a human phenomenon doesn't mean you should simply accept it. In fact, there are plenty of simple, creative strategies for retaining more of what you read — whether that's novels, news articles, or scientific textbooks. To find out what some of those techniques are, we perused the Quora thread, " How do you remember what you've just read? Below are eight of the most practical techniques — bonus points if you can remember all eight tomorrow. Draw lines along the side of important paragraphs.


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    Reader Interactions

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    Auditory learning is powerful. Record yourself reading your notes through a recording device. Listen back multiple times. Absorb what you're.

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    Reading a good book can be a rewarding experience, but it can be frustrating when the information just floats through your head without sticking in your memory. The bookworms at Stack Exchange provide some tips to help your Jeopardy game. I like to read nonfiction books on various.

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    2. Mix it up a bit.

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