Reading strategies for science content

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reading strategies for science content

Teaching Reading in Social Studies, Science, and Math: Practical Ways to Weave Comprehension Strategies into Your Content Area Teaching by Laura Robb

Help students read and engage with textbooks, and navigate the special demands of any non-fiction text structure. In this highly practical book, master teacher Laura Robb shares dozens of strategy lessons to use before, during, and after reading. Other chapters show you how to support students one-on one, how to use discussions to deepen learning, build vocabulary, and use literature in the content areas. Includes lots of examples for social studies, science, and math. For use with Grades 3 & Up.
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Reading Strategies for Struggling Middle School Readers : Reading Lessons

Strategies for Reading the Science Textbook

This may be because students are reading below grade level, or because the material, like that of many science texts, has a readability one or more grade levels above the grade in which it is being taught. While there are many reading strategies available, some are more effective with the informative, nonfiction texts used in science classrooms. A good model for literacy instruction in the science classroom includes strategies students can employ before, during, and after reading Robb This is probably because textbook publishers may not include the difficult science vocabulary when they calculate readability. Think-alouds Practice makes perfect for teachers and students not familiar with reading strategies. Teachers can model the strategies for the class using overhead transparencies or chart paper.

There are several reading strategies that can be taught to students to help them access rigorous content in science text books. These tools can be given to scaffold reading before, during, and after students have read sections or chapters of a science textbook. Open the following links to see the templates that can be used in your science course:. Have students answer all applicable questions on the Prereading a Textbook for Science worksheet before reading the entire text. Another way students can prepare for reading is by watching a video. In this investigation, students view a video on the properties of water and something they may be familiar with, the water strider. The teacher uses the Water Strider video as a prereading activity when she asks students to add to or revise their K-W-L charts.

Strategies for Teaching Science Content Reading. Patrick E. Croner. Venado Middle School, California, USA [email protected] Abstract. Many students have .
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Literacy Strategies

Students in science classrooms are given numerous opportunities to read expository text in a variety of formats and for a variety of purposes. They read to solve a problem, understand the steps in an experiment, gain base knowledge about a concept, answer their own questions, compare their inquiry results with what others have found, expand their basic understanding of a concept, and for enjoyment. Students in science classrooms also read a variety of text formats. They read books, directions for experiments, newspaper articles, websites, and peer work. The reading tasks going on in science classrooms today are quite extensive and do complement efforts being made in schools to improve reading achievement. However, science teachers need to support struggling readers with strategies that will enhance their comprehension of science reading materials.

Part of Curriculum Collections. For more information contact Dora Kastel at dkastel amnh. How Big Were Dinosaurs? SuperScience Crash Course? Integrating Literacy Strategies into Science Instruction main content. Literacy Strategies. Educator Materials Paraphrasing Paraphrasing gives students a tool for monitoring their own comprehension as they read science text.



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