Benefits of listening to music while reading

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benefits of listening to music while reading

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Published 26.07.2019

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Jul 25, While the jury is still out on whether listening to music can benefit of the brain like reading, solving puzzles and writing but listening to music.

Is it a Good Idea to Listen to Music while Reading?

With that highly detailed Biology exam just around the corner, you have been hitting the books with every spare second you have. During nightly, starlit studying sessions, you continuously trudge past midnight, and the hours multiply. What if there was a more beneficial practice rather than spending hours upon hours of silence in your bedroom? You have likely heard before that music helps you study. But, do you know why parents and professors alike are urging you to tune to iTunes? Music activates both the left and right brain at the same time, and the activation of both hemispheres can maximize learning and improve memory.

Do you like listening to music while reading? If yes then have you ever thought how it affects your reading process? Does it allow you to read faster or does it slow you down? How does it affect the reading comprehension? First, it must be stated that if you want to read fast then you have to concentrate well to the text you are reading. Your thoughts have to be focused and you should not let your mind to wander away.

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Many of these people argue that background music helps them focus. Why, though? Why would having two things to concentrate on make you more focused, not less? Some people even go so far as to say that not having music on is more distracting. Experiments by Maria Witek and colleagues reveal that there needs to be a medium level of syncopation in music to elicit a pleasure response and associated body movement in individuals. What this means in plain English is: music needs to be funky, but not too funky, for people to like it enough to make them want to dance. Your own experience will probably back this up.


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