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Books by Jacqueline Baird (Author of The Sabbides Secret Baby)

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Sex Fantasy - Make Your Dreams Come True

Italian Billionaire's Ruthless Revenge by Jacqueline Baird: Page 8. description: Italian Billionaire's Ruthless Revenge: Page 8 free online. CHAPTER FOUR.
Jacqueline Baird

Passionate Betrayal

Jacqueline Baird was born and raised in Northumbria, UK. She went to the local village school, and later an all-girls' grammar school where she passed the University of Oxford General Certificate of Education in various subjects. On leaving school she joined the civil service in the then Post Office department. She met her husband Jim, when she was only eighteen. Eight years later, after working as a hotel receptionist in a five-star hotel in Scotland and traveling abroad for a few years, she came home and married him.

Eloise had fallen in love with powerful Greek tycoon Marcus Kouvaris. Now, years later, Marcus holds her responsible for defrauding his uncle Actually, Eloise had nothing to do with the fraudbut with all the evidence against her, she is powerless to stop Marcus carrying out his plan. Marcus insists that to pay her debt she must live with him for a year. There's plenty of passionbut can Eloise persuade Marcus that she's innocent, and claim his love? Ted had told her over the meal that he was in the process of getting divorced for the third time as his wife had run off with a younger man, and Eloise felt sorry for him.

Lexi's husband of only one year was cheating on her. When she flung the words at him, "I really don't care about you breaking your promise. I would much rather have the money," she was lying through her teeth. But now she had only her pride left to salvage. Let Jake think that she was a cheap little gold digger.

Books written by Jacqueline Baird

With only a fine cotton sheet covering her body she felt decadent and deliciously languorous, due entirely to the expert administrations of her very new husband last night. Six feet plus of pure masculine perfection, he was naked except for navy silk boxer shorts hugging his lean hips. He was also strikingly handsome, his strong dark features cast in the classic mould of the Greek male of legend, and he was hers, Lisa thought on a swift, involuntary breath. His thick black hair was still damp from the shower, a stray droplet of water easing its way down his strong throat and lower, to be captured by the curling black body hair that dusted his broad chest. A lazy smile curved her full lips. Just saying his name was a pleasure.

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