World war z audiobook cast

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world war z audiobook cast

World War Z: The Lost Files: A Companion to the Abridged Edition by Max Brooks

Fans of Max Brooks’ original abridged recording of World War Z: An Oral History of the Zombie War will be thrilled to add this companion piece to their audio library. Offering listeners five hours of previously unrecorded content, World War Z: The Lost Files features 21 Hollywood A-list actors and sci-fi fan favorites performing stories not included in the original abridged edition.
Narrators of World War Z: The Lost Files are Academy Award®-winning director Martin Scorsese, Spiderman star Alfred Molina, The Walking Dead creator Frank Darabont, rapper Common, Firefly star Nathan Fillion, Shaun of the Dead’s Simon Pegg, F. Murray Abraham, René Auberjonois, Bruce Boxleitner, Nicki Clyne, Denise Crosby, Ade M’Cormack, Parminder Nagra, Masi Oka, Kal Penn, Jürgen Prochnow, Jeri Ryan, Paul Sorvino, David Ogden Stiers, Brian Tee, and Ric Young. Max Brooks reprises his role as The Interviewer.
PLEASE NOTE: World War Z: The Lost Files offers the five hours of stories from characters not included in the original abridged recording, published as World War Z: An Oral History of the Zombie War. Also available from Random House Audio is World War Z: The Complete Edition which offers these five extra hours of stories integrated with the original abridged recording.
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World War Z Max Brooks Audiobook Part 2

This is a complete departure for this blog, but this was frustrating me to no end. I bought this cool audiobook with a great cast. I went to look.
Max Brooks

World War Z

Zombies are among us. In a series of journalistic-style interviews and monologues, Max Brooks tracks the institutional and geopolitical missteps that led to the collapse of civilization and follows the intrepid survivors as they tell the story of fighting their way back against a zombie horde of million. Alan Alda, Carl Reiner, Mark Hamill, and a host of others lend their considerable vocal talents to give these interviews a solid realism. China secretly developed a deadly virus. Israel closed its borders. Cuba plotted. No algorithms here!

According to the L. Anyone who has had the pleasure of listening to Scorsese speak in interviews, award speeches, or on Blu-ray audio commentaries could say that this role fits him like a glove. The director has spellbinded the major studios into financing some of his more polarizing films in the past, so he would have no problem making us believe he had the cure-all to end the zombie plague.
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I google "what actors played what characters in World War Z audio book" and I get the this awesome blog post. You won the internet. Thank you. Thanks, this was just what I needed! I was searching for this information and beginning to think I'd have to piece it together since nobody else had. I appreciate the time you took to put this together and share it -- I know you had to go to a number of different sources to get it all. It amazes me that none of the various publishers and stores thought to do it.

In the wake of the great zombie war, Brooks's fictional alter ego travels around the world to ask tough questions of individuals and leaders about their experience and actions before, during and after the undead menace decimated the human population. Brooks remarkably identifies and articulates the nuances and unconsidered realities of what a zombie war would look like. This intriguing "oral history" stands apart from his previous zombie-related book, The Zombie Survival Guide , as Brooks uses the postwar culture here to provide political and social commentary on a wide range of real-life individuals and institutions. Max Brooks acts as the interviewer, providing an inquisitive but stagnant demeanor. The abridgment keeps the story tight but struggles with the interviewer's narration during interviews. When Brooks interrupts characters to indicate that the person rolled his eyes or appeared apprehensive, his comments are often moot because the performers are already portraying such body language with their tone. Simultaneous release with the Crown hardcover Reviews, Aug.


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    The book is read by Brooks but includes other actors taking on the a lengthier audiobook titled World War Z: The Complete Edition.

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