Watashi ni xx shinasai anime

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watashi ni xx shinasai anime

わたしに××しなさい! 1 [Watashi ni xx Shinasai! 1] by Ema Tōyama

Ive been reading this manga online, and Im proud to say that this is a four-star read!
The series is about a secretive girl named Yukina Himuro who writes a cell phone novel as Yupina in secret. But as well as her novel is rated, she isnt capable of writing a love novel because she knows nothing about love.
She runs into a confession between a girl and her popular classmate, Kitami Shigure. After Shigure rejects the girls confession, he drops his student notebook behind as he saunters away. Yukina finds the notebook and opens it to figure out that Shigure has been keeping track of all the girls in class that has fallen in love and confessed to him, where they have confessed to him, the conditions of confessing to him, and the fact that Yukina herself is the last girl in class who hasnt fallen in love with him.
She confronts Shigure and returns the notebook, also revealing that she has made copies of the notebook and that she plans to distribute it into the public unless he agrees to her conditions.
Her conditions are for Shigure to teach her what love is.
Thats basically the whole summary of the series. I havent finished the series (its still ongoing) and Im not exactly at its most current chapter, but I totally recommend this series for manga romantics.
As Yukina learns about love, it teaches the reader about love as well. Ive been searching for this kind of story for a really long time!
So I recommend it to romantics, shoujo manga fans, and fellow humans who are searching for what love is.
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SHIT SHOUJO: Watashi ni xx Shinasai!

Missions of Love (manga)

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Yukina Himuro is secretly a phone novelist that goes by the name Yupina. When her fans call for more romance in her story, Yukina scrambles to look for a good source for her work. Her attention turns to Shigure Kitami, the perfect boy in her class with a secret - he has a book where he keeps the names of every girl who has ever confessed to him. She uses his secret to blackmail him into following out her missions of love so she can write them into her story: hugging her, kissing her, confessing to her. Watashi ni xx Shinasai is like if someone took a whole bunch of shoujo tropes, shoved them in a blender, and then mixed them all up hoping for it to turn out okay except they misjudged the amount of tropes you could fit in a blender and they ended up with an exploded mess.

Unknown to her classmates, Yukina Himuro is secretly the popular cell phone novelist Yupina. And since Yukina has no experience with love, she cannot properly convey it in her writing. Confronting Shigure with this information, she develops a plan: to blackmail him into teaching.
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Kitami Shigure

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