I don t want to go to chelsea

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i don t want to go to chelsea

Let Me Go (Archie Sheridan & Gretchen Lowell, #6) by Chelsea Cain

Beautiful killer Gretchen Lowell tightens her grip on Detective Archie Sheridan in Let Me Go, New York Times bestseller Chelsea Cain’s newest nail-biter.

Detective Archie Sheridan is about to receive a birthday present from the last person he ever wants to see again: Gretchen Lowell.

The investigation into Jack Reynoldss drug enterprise is heating up and has Archie heading off to attend a masked Halloween party on Jack Reynoldss island, where Susan is a reluctant guest. But the next morning one of the guests is found murdered, and Archie quickly realizes that nothing is what it seems. Only one thing is clear: Gretchen is back, and shes been closer than anyone thinks. On Halloween Eve, with time running out, Archie will have to risk everything, and choose wisely whom to trust, if he and his loved ones are going to live through the night.
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Elvis Costello & The Attractions - I Don`t Want To Go To Chelsea

I Don't Want To Go To Chelsea

But if he's a plastic surgeon, I wondered, why is licking his patients? What are the "new orders" and "warders" in the second verse? And who the hell are "Gus" and "Alfie"? Elvis didn't tell us. Just when we hoped he would explain everything in the third verse, he instead repeated the bit about Natasha, and told us again that Chelsea didn't "move" him and he didn't want to go there. Whatever it was about, the song had added resonance for me because, a few years before it came out, when me and my school contemporaries were making that vital decision that would affect the rest of our lives - which English soccer team to support - I had chosen Chelsea. Leeds and Arsenal were both in for my signature too.

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The song appeared on Costello's second album, This Year's Model. Written by Costello while working as a computer programmer, the song was lyrically inspired by films Costello had been watching as well as childhood trips to Chelsea. Musically the song featured influence from bands such as the Who and the Kinks and is notable for Bruce Thomas 's prominent bassline. The release was accompanied by a music video. The song has since received positive reception from critics and remains a staple of Costello's live set. Costello recalled the night he wrote the song:.

Columbia's argument that "Chelsea" was "too British" for consumption by American audiences, despite its success as a single in England, was fallacious: certainly the song is no more British than "Less Than Zero" which references the British fascist Oswald Mosley in its first line or the majority of cuts off Armed Forces , which are all chiefly English in nature. Neither did the "big boys" at Columbia Records, I'm guessing. Perhaps it's the song title that set off the alarm, though. Chelsea is a decadent region of West London, occasionally associated with prostitution, which seems to be "Chelsea"'s pivotal focus. Regardless, the fact that most American audiences didn't hear the song until its surreptitious appearance on the b-sides and assorted curios compilation Taking Liberties is a tragedy -- it's quintessential Attractions.


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