Girl coming out of a cake

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girl coming out of a cake

Cake Girl by David Lucas

In this bedazzling picture book for all seasons, a Witch is once again alone on her birthday. So she uses her powers to bake a Cake Girl to act as her servant for the day. She tells Cake Girl to sing and dance—and do all the housework! “And then,” says the Witch, “I’ll eat you.” But Cake Girl proves to be too clever a confection for such a fate, and she soon turns the tables on her maker, with happy results for them both.

Cheery and cheeky themes abound in this deliciously illustrated story about the magic of laughter and play and new companions.
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Under Siege - Cake Surprise

Girl, 15, tells her parents she's gay by baking a cake

I have a confession to make. I might be slightly obsessed with a tv show. Have you ever heard of it? It is currently in the sixth season. Zooey Deschanel plays Jess aka the New Girl.

This weird tradition has been featured in the classic Marilyn Monroe film, Some Like It Hot , and more recently parodied in Arrested Development , among other film and television shows. It was even a possible purchase in the original version of The Sims video game. Though decades have gone by, the idea remains the same: whether in her birthday suit or not, a woman pops out the top of a cake to entertain guests with a special, provocative dance. Ancient Rome was known for gluttonous feasts teeming with tureens of wine and towers of lavish dishes. Catering was art as chefs would present edible arrangements: a plate of fish that made it look like the dinner was still alive, swimming in sauce. Wealthy diners in the Middle Ages continued the tradition, often posing their dishes to make the cooked animals come alive.

When a giant cake actually a cake shell has a person usually a bachelor party stripper hidden inside, so he or she can jump out of it for dramatic effect.
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When a giant cake actually a cake shell has a person usually a bachelor party stripper hidden inside, so he or she can jump out of it for dramatic effect. Girls have been jumping out of cakes since Evelyn Nesbit did it for millionaire playboy Stanford White in the Gay90s, but the practice of enclosing a living creature inside a cake or pie shell goes back to medieval days. It's the origin of the nursery rhyme "Sing a song of sixpence", where live blackbirds are put in a pie shell for a king's feast. Mostly Played for Laughs , especially if the cake is at an unexpected and inappropriate place like a child's birthday party or the stripper inside is replaced with someone else a cop, an Abhorrent Admirer who crashed the party to get her object of desire, an angry fiancee or wife who suspects that her husband will have too good of a time at his buddy's bachelor party, a Dirty Old Woman who used to be an adult entertainer when she was young and is still entertaining in her autumn years, a cross-dressing Camp Gay man who decided to come out of the cake -- and the closet -- all in one night, or a heterosexual man who was put in drag and put in the cake as a cruel joke. Sometimes played for drama or really dark comedy if the man of the hour is Too Dumb to Live and thinks the novelty cake is a real one and cuts it, either injuring or killing the girl inside , if a Mafia hitman is inside the cake and shoots everyone at the party though it can be softened up to being funny if the hitman is dressed in outrageous and obvious drag , or if the stripper dies of suffocation inside the cake and no one realizes this until it's too late. Gomez: Lurch Lurch: [growls contritely].

A pop out cake , popout cake , jump out cake , or surprise cake is a large object made to serve as a surprise for a celebratory occasion. Externally, such a construction appears to be an oversized cake , and sometimes actually is, at least in part. However, the construction is usually cardboard. The inside of the object has a space for someone, traditionally an attractive young woman, to crouch and hide until the moment of surprise, when she then stands up and comes out of the cake. The ancient Romans held feasts featuring meat of one animal stuffed inside another. The concept became notorious after Stanford White put on a dinner on May 20, that included a scantily-clad girl, Susie Johnson, emerging from a pie made from galvanized iron, accompanied by a recitation of "Sing a Song of Sixpence". White himself was eventually murdered by Harry Thaw , the husband of White's former lover, Evelyn Nesbit.


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