Old education system vs new education

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old education system vs new education

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Published 31.07.2019

The ancient educational system of ancient India was great -importance of education - Education world

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The critics argue that teaching these skills comes at the expense of content like English, mathematics and history. Bundled into this debate have been arguments about the content of the history curriculum in particular, which has been labelled by the Coalition as biased towards left-wing values. This is a separate debate to which others have made very useful contributions on this site ; but suffice to say becoming too bogged down in the detail of content misses the much bigger point about how we best prepare our young people for life after school. They are not mutually exclusive; and providing both does not mean teachers need to change their disciplines or for schools to reorganise their timetables. There is a need, however, to broaden our focus and embed these skills in traditional discipline areas.

Differences between Traditional and Modern Education can be both associated with a partial method of instruction and learning, which is only limited to the resources at hand. Though more cost-effective, it is a restricted method of thinking, allowing the students only to learn at the pace of their better counterparts and instructors, and has created the need for a better alternative unwrapped by the dawn of a technological and experimental method: the modern educational system. With this new avant-garde methodology, each student can learn in relation to his natural innate strength and speed, albeit untested and not completely proven. The K which is practiced in the US from kindergarten most times years old to grade 12 end of high school at age exposes the student to all there is in the world and the environment. After this stage, further education in college and then graduate studies allow the specialization in a field of interest. In modern education , information from observations with regards to any issue no matter how old or distant it may be can be obtained using the internet. One of the shortcomings of the modern education system is that it tends to be somehow expensive.

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In the olden days, there was no formal education in India. A father passed on knowledge, primarily related to his occupation, to his child. Much later, two systems of education emerged — Vedic and Buddhist.

Teaching styles have changed significantly over the years. The traditional way that education was delivered was through recitation and memorisation techniques, whereas the modern way of doing things involves interactive methods. The back-to-basics traditional education method, also known as conventional education, is still widely used in schools. The old-fashioned way of teaching was all about recitation, for example students would sit in silence, while one student after another would take it in turns to recite the lesson, until each one had been called upon. At the end of the module a written test or oral examination would be conducted; this process was called an Assignment Study Recitation Test. They were based on established customs that had been used successfully in schools over many years. The teachers communicated the knowledge and enforced standards of behaviour.


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