Get me roger stone review

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get me roger stone review

Stones Rules: How to Win at Politics, Business, and Style by Roger Stone

Interesting analysis from a political powerhouse.

An easily read primer on some tried and true political truisms. Could have benefited from a little less repetition on how men should properly dress. After all, Stone should have realized that women may also read the book. I can translate the message into an equivalent dress code for women, but less verbiage on the topic would have enhanced the rules. My other comment is that someone should have more thoroughly caught the typos, which were annoying.

Otherwise an insightful recitation of the rules of the game.
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Published 01.08.2019

President Trump Confidante Roger Stone: James Comey ‘Needed To Go’ - TODAY

Netflix's new documentary provides a thorough history of the 'sinister Forrest Gump of American politics', who has had a hand in everything.
Roger Stone

Get Me Roger Stone

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Roger J. Stone Jr. So, who is Mr. Stone persuading? Stone, 64, a giddily freewheeling Twitter user, greeted this news with a series of tweets, including one with a GIF of Mr. Stone had recommended that Mr. Trump fire Mr.

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It lands on the streaming platform at the end of a week in which the man who the lobbyist and consultant first introduced to politics, Donald Trump, fired the very person investigating him for collusion with Russia: FBI head James Comey. One Roger Stone, who is himself being investigated over his own links with Russia. Stone has had a perma-tanned hand in just about every nefarious deed carried out by the forces of the American conservative movement in the past half century, from Watergate right up to the election of perhaps the least qualified man in history to hold the office of US president. He also practically invented the modern political attack ad and engaged in the dirtiest of dirty tricks. Even more remarkable than that soubriquet is the fact that Stone has carried out this reign of terror not in the manner of a shadowy Koch-brothers-style figure, but as someone who gleefully courts press, positive or otherwise.


  1. Atzin S. says:

    Roger J. Stone Jr., the subject and star of “Get Me Roger Stone,” struts through this documentary with peacock feathers fully fanned. He's first.

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