Thinking as a hobby william golding

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thinking as a hobby william golding

The Borzoi College Reader by Charles Muscatine

I happened to pick up this book from a local library sale, and what a find! I wish that I was a freshman college student again, facing the world with the urgency to be armed with wise guidance about ones self, other people, societys culture, the most importantly to learn about how to observe and ask questions. Even so, a few essays stand out -- William Goldings funny little Thinking as a Hobby (am I the culprit in that fashion!), Susanne K. Langers essays on language, art, and symbol (2 essays), Tillichs echoing piece on Symbols of Faith, and most interestingly Aldous Huxleys essay relating to his Perennial Philosophy.

Granted that some materials are dated or superseded by later works, the essential quality of this textbook is to remind readers of critical thinking in a broad scope.
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Thinking as a Hobby

Thinking as a hobby Response: “Thinking is a Hobby” Essay

We think you have liked this presentation. If you wish to download it, please recommend it to your friends in any social system. Share buttons are a little bit lower. Thank you! Published by Brendan Davidson Modified about 1 year ago. Golding's view is pessimistic: human nature is inherently corruptible and wicked. William Golding.

In his essay "Thinking as a Hobby," William Golding classifies thinkers into three categories. Analyzing everyone he meets is a very interesting hobby for Golding. When classifying these people, he puts them into "grades" according to their thinking style. Grade-three thinkers are very common, and Grade-two thinkers are less plentiful, but not as rare as Grade-one thinkers, who are most extraordinary. In society, Golding's classification system is useful when analyzing people. Grade-three thinkers think with their feelings, and without analyzing.

On his essay, Golding presents himself as a detailed observer who appreciates diversity among people and as someone who has a great understanding when it comes to the way and the level that people think. Golding learns to differentiate three types of thinkers while analyzing everyone he meets. Grade-two thinkers, who he says to be the people who like to contradict any situation. Golding finds that the age period in which people are most likely to be Grade-two thinkers is in their adolescent years. And Grade-one thinkers who analyze everything without taking feeling into their decision making. It is important to understand that people fall into different categories when it comes to the way they think.

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thinking as a hobby

Worried about plagiarism? Read this. Help Login Sign Up. Thinking As A Hobby "How does one think? William Golding has basically broken down thinking into three basic grades of thinking. I believe that Golding's purpose of this story is to make the reader secretly put their self into one of the styles of thinking.


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    Introduction: Thinking as a Hobby By far my favorite essay is "Thinking as a Hobby" by William Golding, in which he categorizes thinking into three levels.

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