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who is harry dent economist

Spending Waves: The Scientific Key To Predicting Market Behavior for the Next 20 Years by Harry S. Dent Jr.

For over 20 years, Harry S. Dent, Jr., famed economist and best-selling author, has been tracking one key market indicator. In this information packed guide, Harry reveals his complete demographic buying research, the steps you need to take care of your business and what real estate investment opportunities you need to know about. Some people are already calling this the one financial guide everyone needs. If you consider yourself a serious investor or business owner, then this is a must-have resource for you for years to come.
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Published 03.08.2019

Harry Dent: The Biggest Opportunity from the Crash

Harry S. Dent, Jr.
Harry S. Dent Jr.

Economist Harry Dent Thinks Gold Will Fall 50% From Here

Dent Jr. Last June, Dent told ThinkAdvisor that an economic and stock market calamity would strike within three years. He is now indeed predicting the crash to occur between late and early The Harvard MBA and founder of Dent Research publishes newsletters and investing strategy systems and has written a number of books that have either hyped a big boom ahead or warned of disaster on the brink. Here are excerpts from our conversation:. There are only five weeks left to

Harry Shuler Dent, Jr.
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About Harry S. Dent

Dent comes to Australia every couple of years, usually when he has a new book to promote as he does this time , throws the cat amongst the pigeons by predicting Armageddon, and in the process gets lots of publicity for his books and seminars. So, is Dent right this time? Are we in for a property market collapse? Dent predicts that our stock market will crash after the Chinese property market crashes, but the world-wide fallout will be worse than the Great Depression of Interestingly, Dent made similar prediction in , , and as did The Economist and Demographia. Instead our major property markets boomed! He continued with much conviction to explain that while the timing was premature, his forecast is correct because he has no doubt that we are in a bubble.


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