Dork diaries pictures in color

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dork diaries pictures in color

Tales from a Not-So-Fabulous Life by Rachel Renée Russell

This is about an incredibly materialistic, shallow, melodramatic preteen who is whiny and annoying. This is not something Id tell anyone in this books targeted age range to read. I thought I was getting Diary of a Wimpy Kid for girls but its basically a whinefest with no substance. And the way the kids talk is nowhere near natural. Everything is over-the-top drama and none of it is funny. Plus the whole thing is supposed to be a diary written by the girl but everything plays out in real time. Like shell talk about writing in her diary in the janitors closet and then her friends come in and they leave but shes still telling the story like she wasnt just writing everything down. Its weird and hard to explain, but you cant have something going on in the present when its all supposed to be a diary written by the character.

Even though the Diary of a Wimpy Kid books decline a bit as they go, Id recommend those instead. Theyre funnier and better written though share some of the same characteristics (both good and bad) with this series. Its really a shame this turned out to be so awful because I liked the premise and I do like girly stuff and drawing but this was pretty much just a big failure.
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Nikki Maxwell, Mackenzie Hollister copycat Dork Diaries

Nikki In Colors! New York. Maddi. Dork Diaries Fan Art. Share your Dorky art. Do you like to draw? Share your Dorky art with us. Upload.
Rachel Renée Russell

Dork Diaries 1

Nicole Jullianne Maxwell is the main protagonist and narrator of all the Dork Diaries books, and was briefly mentioned in The Misadventures of Max Crumbly as "Brandon's friend. Nikki is a self-proclaimed dork and goes to Westchester Country Day on a scholarship, because her father is the school's exterminator. One of her biggest fears is that someone will find out that she attends Westchester Country Day on her dad's bug extermination scholarship. She lives in Westchester, New York. Her enemies are Mackenzie Hollister and Jessica Hunter. We get to learn that in the twelfth book of Dork Diaries Nikki's full name is Nicole but she prefers being called by her nickname Nikki.

Brianna was afraid of the tooth fairy because Nikki told her that the tooth fairy collects children's teeth to make old people's dentures, but she got over that in the second book. She has a friend named Miss Penelope a hand puppet which was a face she drew on her hand. According to Nikki, Brianna is "bratty and always gets her way". Nikki also says that Brianna has the IQ of a box of crayons. Brianna is obsessed with a movie series called "Princess Sugar Plum. Brianna is a bratty and spoiled 6-year-old.

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Rachel Renee Russell 's Dork Diaries series have been immensely popular with children aged 9 and up for years. The funny stories, brilliant illustrations and relatable heroine, Nikki Maxwell, have made these books firm favourites on many children's bookshelves., The series, written in a diary format, uses drawings , doodles , and comic strips to chronicle the daily life of its year-old protagonist, Nikki Maxwell, in and outside of middle school. Her older daughter, Erin, helps with writing and her younger daughter, Nikki, helps with illustrations.

Branikki is the pairing of Bran don and N ikki. The whole series seems to revolve around their relationship. Brandon has not yet asked Nikki out officially in any of the books in the Dork Diaries series other than saying how he felt. I met a girl last September and we immediately hit it off. She's cool, smart, funny and a talented artist.



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