Meth poems by meth addicts

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meth poems by meth addicts

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Published 03.08.2019

Insane Ex-Convict and Meth Addict Recovery Story Part 1 - Dr. B

Best Meth Poems

Below are the all-time best Meth poems written by Poets on PoetrySoup. These top poems in list format are the best examples of meth poems written by PoetrySoup members. You have an ad blocker! We understand, but PoetrySoup is a small privately owned website.

I wonder why I do this, As I take another hit. I know that when I come down, My life will still be shit. I feel it burning in my lungs, My eyes water like I cry. I know that if I keep it up, I very well could die. I've lost everything to this shit, My relationship, family, and weight. I feel so out of control with this, I've lost reality, hope, and faith.


You lost your way some time ago, Those pills and potions made you so Out of control, Out of this world, Because reality to you Was so absurd,. And sleep has evaded you Through the years of abuse, The torrent of worry Keeps your mind on a loop,., There is a body of methamphetamine-themed poetry that speaks regretfully of the highly negative experiences of those in recovery from methamphetamine MA addiction or who feel trapped in an MA-using lifestyle. During ethnographic research in western Kentucky, the author collected two MA-themed poems from active MA users that differ from other MA poetry.

Submit your work, meet writers and drop the ads. MeanAileen Mar My Reality. It's my best friend, and my nightmere- it's all that I love and everything I fear. It's my fulfillment, my bottomless sorrow- bringing dark thoughts of no tomorrow.

Prev Poem. Next Poem. Thank you for your sharing your words! I am an addict and have struggled with it most of my life. I came from a very privileged home and had every opportunity handed to me, but I was hiding Read complete story.



  1. Treatakrecon says:

    Some Chick's Blog All About Meth – Addiction & Support I am starting a category of meth related art and poems here. talented artists that have been affected by this drug – If you have any art, poems etc you would like to share, let me know!.

  2. Jérôme L. says:

    If my family sees you with me, they never fail to cringe

  3. Alaide R. says:

    Some are written from the veiwpoint of the addict and others are written by those If you have a meth related poem or piece of art related to meth that you would.

  4. Faustin F. says:

    This is just a glimpse in to the love-hate relationship I have with my addiction to the ever popular Crystal Meth. I love to write and I am a recovering addict, at least .

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