Has si robertson been married

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has si robertson been married

Willie Robertson Quotes (Author of The Duck Commander Family)

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Published 03.08.2019

GMA Goes Behind Scenes with Duck Dynasty's Uncle Si

This much loved Robertson family member often gets blamed for things and sometimes thinks he's seen a black panther roaming around close to the home and business. He's also married , which many viewers were unaware of until he introduced his wife a few weeks ago for an episode of Good Morning America. Si, the younger brother to Phil Robertson, has been married to Christine for 43 years and happily so, as they hugged affectionately in the video clipped.

Si and Christine Robertson have their first wedding ceremony

Si Robertson is a retired American soldier, preacher, and television personality. He is also a total outdoorsman who undoubtedly enjoys hunting perhaps a little bit too much. For his high school education, Si studied at Caddo High School. He also donned the No. However, he would only stay there for three quarters. During the Vietnam War, Si was drafted into the U. Army and had to drop out of school.

Silas Merritt Robertson born April 27, , known as Si Robertson and often referred to as "Uncle Si", is an American television personality, preacher, hunter, outdoorsman, retired U. Army soldier, and a retired duck-call maker at Duck Commander. Because of financial setbacks of their family during Si and his siblings' childhoods, the Robertson family lived in rugged conditions with significantly fewer amenities than the average American enjoyed. He played on the football team in the footsteps of his brother Phil, even wearing the same 10 jersey. Upon retirement from the Army in , Si found employment at his brother Phil's Duck Commander business. His job is to fashion the reeds that are inserted in every patented duck call. Si thinks that it is a pretty easy job and is depicted in Duck Dynasty as having difficulties staying on task; he often seeks breaks to take a nap or play around with equipment in the warehouse.

Many "Duck Dynasty" fans wouldn't know just by watching the show that "Uncle Si" has been married to his wife, Christine, for over 45 years. While other members of the Robertson family have been featured on the show, Christine Robertson has chosen to stay off camera and out of the public spotlight. In his new book, Si-Renity: How I Stay Calm and Keep the Faith , Robertson explains that many "Duck Dynasty" fans still don't realize that he's actually married because they never see his wife on the show. He wrote that as he regularly travels to many different towns and cities across the globe for speaking engagements and to meet fans, he has had a number of encounters with fans who have come up and proposed to him. He says, 'I'd understand it if they wanted to marry Willie because he has all the money. I'd even understand it if they wanted to marry Jase because he's Willie's right-hand man. But no, they want to marry — that goat.

American reality star Si Robertson is a hunter and former army guy. As tough as his persona may seem but behind it lies a hopelessly romantic guy who restores our faith in love all over again. Army veteran.
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They work together, play together and pray together. At the end of each episode, we see the family gather around the dinner table, hold hands and give thanks. But l ife is not always happy, happy, happy. Uncle Si Robertson is now revealing the alcoholism, mental illness and suicide attempts that he faced in his own life in the new book, " Si-cology: Tales and Wisdom from Duck Dynasty's Favorite Uncle. His drinking problem got so bad he got in the habit of carrying a fifth of liquor in his pocket, and even to the point he came close to killing a Vietnamese boy and a Vietnamese woman on two separate occasions. His brother Phil also struggled with the same drinking problem.



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    Silas Merritt Robertson (born April 27, ), known as Si Robertson and often referred to as Robertson was born to James and Merritt (née Hale) Robertson in Vivian, Louisiana, the sixth of He said, "One woman has already got my heart, we've been married for 43 years and her name is Miss Christine Robertson ".

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    Jul 2, Si and Christine Robertson at their wedding vow renewal ceremony She's been married to me for 43 years. “Both of us was party animals, I guess you'd call us,” he tells Us of what drew him to Christine more than four.

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