Ask me no questions by marina budhos summary

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ask me no questions by marina budhos summary

Ask Me No Questions by Marina Budhos

Nadira and her family are illegal aliens, fleeing to the Canadian border -- running from the country they thought was their home. For years since emigrating from Bangladesh, they have lived on expired visas in New York City, hoping they could someday realize their dream of becoming legal citizens of the United States. But after 9/11, everything changes. Suddenly, being Muslim means being dangerous, a suspected terrorist. And when Nadiras father is arrested and detained at the border, Nadira and her older sister, Aisha, are sent back to Queens and told to carry on, as if everything is the same.

But of course nothing is the same. Nadira and Aisha live in fear theyll have to return to a Bangladesh they hardly know. Aisha, always the responsible one, falls apart. Its up to Nadira to find a way to bring her family back together again.

Critically acclaimed author Marina Budhos has given us a searing portrait of contemporary America in the days of terrorism, orange alerts, and the Patriot Act, and a moving and important story about something most people take for granted -- citizenship and acceptance in their country.
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Ask Me No Questions

They are denied and, upon returning to the U. Budhos' novel follows Nadira and her sister Aisha, who return to New York City and attempt to go about life as usual while their mother moves into a Vermont shelter to be near their father and help his cause. The complexity of this novel comes in the myriad other conflicts the two girls are dealing with in addition to their father's imprisonment; in many ways, the novel reads like an exploration of different methods of coping, from the angry to the silent, from finding one's voice to losing it.
Marina Budhos

Ask Me No Questions Summary & Study Guide

When Abba is detained by the INS for violating his visa, Nadira and Aisha attempt to save their father as they struggled with the daily challenges of finding their place in a country they now realize is not their home. After the Hossains are denied asylum in Canada, Abba is arrested for violating his visa upon their return to America, so he sends Nadira and Aisha back to school in Queens, NY. Aisha tells her younger sister that they are alone now and must work together, but Nadira refuses because she has always been jealous of her perfect sister. Upon their return to school, Mr. Friedlander tells Aisha that he has arranged a college interview at Barnard for her.

When Abba is detained by the INS for violating his visa, Nadira and Aisha attempt to save their father as they struggled with the daily challenges of finding their place in a country they now realize is not their home. Nadira feels like she is dreaming as her family drives toward Canada to apply for asylum. She worries about things like green cards, special registration and deportation, though she does not fully understand them.
old tractors and the man who love them

Ask Me No Questions Summary & Study Guide Description

Each chapter will be label, if you need to catch up with the book or if you need to go back the summaries are fit for that. Remember these are short summaries so they do not include all the details in the actual book. Not Copyrighted This summaries will consist of first, next, then, and finally sentences to summarize. First they are driving in a car to the Canadian border to apply for an asylum. Then they are in a gas station and a restaurant. In the restaurant Abba tells a story about stealing his grandfather's paper when he was younger to impress his wife to be. The entire beginning of the chapter was the present and now Nadira flashes back to everything that led up to driving to the Canadian border.

Critical Analysis. When arriving at the border the entry to Canada is refused and on their way back the father is imprisoned at the US border because of the visa violation. The end of the book is not felt as being a happy ending at all because the reader is left with the feeling that this painful experience will affect and shape the protagonists lives for a long time if not forever. Although this particular story and its details are specific to a Bangladeshi family, the overall story could ap Luchis is clearly a food item although the reader may not know exactly what it is. The lack of explanations makes the story even easier to read and flow more fluidly.


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    This one-page guide includes a plot summary and brief analysis of Ask Me No Questions by Marina Budhos. Marina Budhos' novel Ask Me No Questions .

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    As Budhos's House of Waiting , for adults provocative novel opens, year-old narrator Nadira Hossain and her family are heading north to Canada, seeking asylum from the harassment that has become routine in the U.

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    "Ask Me No Questions" by Marina Budhos is the story of a family of illegal Bangladeshi immigrants and the trials they face in America after the tragedy of 9/

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