Country singer comes out closet

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country singer comes out closet

Like Me: Confessions of a Heartland Country Singer by Chely Wright

Chely Wright, singer, songwriter, country music star, writes in this moving, telling memoir about her life and her career; about growing up in America’s heartland, the youngest of three children; about barely remembering a time when she didn’t know she was different.
She writes about her parents, putting down roots in their twenties in the farming town of Wellsville, Kansas, Old Glory flying atop the poles on the town’s manicured lawns, and being raised to believe that hard work, honesty, and determination would take her far.
She writes of making up her mind at a young age to become a country music star, knowing then that her feelings and crushes on girls were “sinful” and hoping and praying that she would somehow be “fixed.” (“Dear God, please don’t let me be gay. I promise not to lie. I promise not to steal. I promise to always believe in you . . . Please take it away.”)
We see her, high school homecoming queen, heading out on her own at seventeen and landing a job as a featured vocalist on the Ozark Jubilee (the show that started Brenda Lee, Red Foley, and Porter Wagoner), being cast in Country Music U.S.A., doing four live shows a day, and—after only a few months in Nashville—her dream coming true, performing on the stage of the Grand Ole Opry . . .
She describes writing and singing her own songs for producers who’d discovered and recorded the likes of Reba McEntire, Shania Twain, and Toby Keith, who heard in her music something special and signed her to a record contract, releasing her first album and sending her out on the road on her first bus tour . . . She writes of sacrificing all for a shot at success that would come a couple of years later with her first hit single, “Shut Up And Drive” . . . her songs (from her fourth album, Single White Female) climbing the Billboard chart for twenty-nine weeks, hitting the #1 spot . . . 
She writes about the friends she made along the way—Vince Gill, Brad Paisley, and others—writing songs, recording and touring together, some of the friendships developing into romantic attachments that did not end happily . . . Keeping the truth of who she was clutched deep inside, trying to ignore it in a world she longed to be a part of—and now was—a world in which country music stars had never been, could not be, openly gay . . .
She writes of the very real prospect of losing everything she’d worked so hard to create . . . doing her best to have a real life—her best not good enough . . .
And in the face of everything she did to keep herself afloat, she writes about how the vortex of success and hiding who she was took its toll: her life, a tangled mess she didn’t see coming, didn’t want to; and, finally, finding the guts to untangle herself from the image of the country music star she’d become, an image steeped in long-standing ideals and notions about who—and what—a country artist is, and what their fans expect them to be . . .
I am a songwriter,” she writes. “I am a singer of my songs—and I have a story to tell. As I’ve traveled this path that has delivered me to where I am today, my monument of thanks, paying honor to God, remains. I will do all I can with what I have been given . . .”
Like Me is fearless, inspiring, true.
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Chely Wright's Emotional Coming Out Story

Jun 1, A list of the country artists who have come out as gay. there have been a few others helping pave the way in the country music industry.
Chely Wright

Country rapper Lil Nas X comes out as gay in Pride tweets

Reading on mobile? Watch Patrick Haggerty talk about Lavender Country. As a genre, country can usually be relied on for certain staples, chief among them tears, beers, big hats and patriotic rabble-rousing. It is not a genre you'd expect to produce a gay-rights anthem called Cryin' These Cocksucking Tears , as Haggerty's track was titled. It kicks off with the words: "I'm fighting for when there won't be no straight men. Released in , Cryin' These Cocksucking Tears is one of 11 astonishing songs on Lavender Country's eponymous and only album. The first in a very short line of out-and-proud country records, the LP has been an obscure curio for most of the intervening four decades, but its recent rerelease has thrown fresh light on the difficult relationship between lesbian and gay people and America's most conservative music genre.

CMT personality and country music singer Cody Alan has come out of the closet as gay, an important step in a musical genre severely lacking representation from the LGBTQ community. As we start a new year, there is something I want to share with you. This is not a choice I made, but something I've known about myself my whole life. Thanks for following me and supporting me over the years. As we continue our journey, I hope this news won't change how you see me.

Wright's first Top 40 country hit came in with " Shut Up and Drive ". Two years later, her fourth album yielded a number one single, the title track, " Single White Female ". Overall, Wright has released seven studio albums on various labels, and has charted more than fifteen singles on the country charts. As of May , Wright's previous eight albums and 19 singles released had sold over 1,, copies and 10,, digital impressions to date in the United States. In television appearances and an autobiography, she cited among her reasons for publicizing her homosexuality a concern with bullying and hate crimes toward gays, particularly gay teenagers, and the damage to her life caused by "lying and hiding". It entered the Billboard country chart at 13, the second highest debut of her career.

Five years ago, country singer Ty Herndon finally recognized that he had a very important story to share.
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But in a lot of ways, this story may well have been written about Lil Nas X now in In the two decades since that unprecedented event, the coming-out game has evolved with the rise of social media. Prior to that, The Hate U Give actor Amandla Stenberg proclaimed her bisexuality in a video on Snapchat, signaling that this trend of coming out online was definitely here to stay. What makes the manner in which Lil Nas X decided to come out so interesting is that he was able to control his own narrative without going into hiding and leaving his words up for interpretation, like his industry peer Frank Ocean, or by making conspicuously carnal and sometimes contradictory statements about queerness, in the vein of someone like Tyler, the Creator. Lil Nas X faced the decision to come out head-on — knowing he would face criticism — without forfeiting any part of his persona.




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