Can native americans have blue eyes

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can native americans have blue eyes

She Who Remembers (Kwani, #1) by Linda Lay Shuler

Kwani. A beautiful woman born in the American southwest into the long extinct Anasazi tribe, long before Columbus...whose blue eyes marked her as a witch and set her apart from the Indian tribe that raised her.

Following her path of destiny in a vanished world of great stone cities and trackless wilderness warring tribes and mysterious trabelers from other lands, Kwani found love with Kokopelli, the Toltec magician, who rescued her from death and took her to the Place of the Eagle Clan. There she was transformed from an outcast to the Chosen of the Gods, where she became She Who Remembers and taught young girls the ancient secrets only women know...secrets that provided her with inner power to overcome and triumph--and change her life forever.
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Vlog! Indian girl with Blue Eyes picked

I have peach-colored skin, dark blond hair, and blue eyes, like my mother. But my father and grandfather told me they were Cherokee Indians.
Linda Lay Shuler

The Ancient Moon-Eyed People Of North Carolina: Fact Or Fiction?

Wood recently returned from an internship at the Smithsonian Institute of the national museum of the American Indian. Wood is a member of the Confederated Tribes of Grand Ronde, which includes twenty-seven bands of federally recognized Native American tribes. Blue-eyed and fair-haired, Wood is a testament against stereotypes. And while her heritage may be hard to guess at first glance, as soon as she begins talking about her involvement in the Native American community, it becomes apparent. Wood has recently completed a degree in cultural anthropology with an emphasis on Northwest Native American Cultures. As an undergraduate student, she worked as a tour guide at the Museum of Natural and Cultural History before helping catalogue over baskets from the Northwest with the Western Oregon Basket Project. She hopes that upon completion of her second internship that she will go on to work in the cultural department for Grand Ronde, or possibly in a museum.

With his blue eyes and sandy blond hair, Richard Snelding hardly resembles the classic American Indian of Hollywood films and history books. But he may be the Indian face of the future. Never mind the New Age pretenders who claim kinship to a Cherokee princess they saw in a dream. Often, their Indian ancestry is unquestioned, but generations of intermarriage have crowded their family trees with non-Indians as well. Many tribes are easing membership requirements just to survive, prompting worries that tribal traditions will fade along with blood levels.

Quanah Parker as a mixed blood Native made the decision to leave one culture and enter into another culture. The Cherokee culture was steeped deeply into the great Meso-American pyramid temple cities as early as A. When the Olmecs, Toltecs, Mayans and Aztecs were moving from North to into the South deep into Mexico and Central America, they quickly absorbed and embraced building their own great pyramid temple spiritual cities they had observed and seen in the great Cherokee cities of the Southeast. Cherokee intermarriage to both the Mexican and Central Americans would become the norm for the next years. The mixed blood Cherokees would hold a high place of honor within the Meso-American world of Mexico and Central America. For the mixed blood Cherokee of the time were the priests, prophets, engineers and administrators, who were the elite of running the new spiritual pyramid temple cities of both Mexico and Central America. Without the mixed blood Cherokees, the great pyramid temple cities in Mexico and Central America would cease to run, much less function.

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Mythic Origins

I am blue-eyed, red-haired, fair-skinned and freckled.,





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