The secret of spellshadow manor

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the secret of spellshadow manor

The Secret of Spellshadow Manor Series by Bella Forrest

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Published 06.08.2019

The Secret Of Spellshadow Manor - Review

The Secret of Spellshadow Manor series, Bella Forrest – Review

The Keep comes out the end of July. Alex sees a shadowy man leading his friend Natalie to a bizarre manor, and follows them inside. There he becomes part of a hidden school of magic … except that he has no magic. Can he, Natalie, and their roommates uncover the mysteries of the school before his own secret is discovered? Ads compare this series to Harry Potter , which is both useful and distracting.

Please Note: Items in our extended range may take longer to deliver. Delivery in Days. See our Delivery Charges section below for a full breakdown of shipping costs for all destinations. Category: Teenage Fiction 12 to 15 Years. A magic school story with a spine-tingling twist, for adults or teens who enjoyed Harry Potter What would you do if you spotted a man following a young woman, but no-one else could see him?

An indie fantasy novel published earlier in What would you do if you spotted a man following a young woman, but no-one else could see him? But when he sees the mysterious man following Natalie again the very next day, he can no longer disbelieve his eyes. After a bizarre, but strangely short journey, he finds himself standing before a towering iron gate wreathed in gray ivy, behind which looms a decrepit old mansion named Spellshadow Manor. What if your enrollment there was all one big, terrible mistake? I admit I gave into the hype.

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In case you didn't get the email I sent earlier, I'll paste it here : :. Dear Shaddict, Today I'm extremely excited to let you know about a new secret novel I've been working on! It's a fantasy filled with mystery, suspense, and lots of twists and turns. You might not know that I am a big JK Rowling fan and became inspired to write a story in this genre after I finished reading the HP series. At the time, I was not an "official writer" — writing was just a hobby for me — but I now feel confident enough to share this story with you :.

The books tell the story of Alex, a young man who enrolls for classes at a school for magically gifted students despite the fact that he has no magic. The marketing campaign promised a story that people who had read Harry Potter would love. Comparisons were also made to Twilight and the Hunger Games. But it was the Harry Potter association that got people buzzing. The series is narrated from the perspective of Alex Webber. The protagonist is seventeen-years-old when readers first him. While his classmates spend their free time hanging out and having fun, Alex spends every waking moment learning to write computer code.


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