The history of naughty dog

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the history of naughty dog

The Art of Naughty Dog by Naughty Dog Studios

Jak and Daxter. Uncharted. The Last of Us. One studio has been responsible for the most iconic video game experiences of this generation. Now, Dark Horse Books invites you on a thirty-year retrospective tour, observing Naughty Dogs rise from an ambitious upstart to one of the most influential game studios in the world!

This beautifully designed volume collects decades of production art, introspective essays from studio staff, art inspired by Naughty Dogs incredible array of titles, and much more. Dont miss out on an opportunity to own a piece of video game history with The Art of Naughty Dog!
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A History of Naughty Dog: From Past to Present

Gavin, it turns out, accidentally deleted the code by overwriting the disks with some bootleg games, so Rubin had to recreate all of Ski Crazed over a single weekend, with Gavin providing various tweaks to make the game run faster. In Dream Zone , the player becomes trapped in their dreams, trudging through castles, airships, and a variety of dreamscapes to try and escape. The game was well-received, selling upwards of 10, copies, and Jam Software was put on the map as a strange little studio run by a pair of high school juniors. The isometric role-playing game was not well received; Rubin and Gavin, in college at the time, were bankrupt. They presented an early build of the game to Mark Cerny of Universal Interactive Studios who was so impressed that he signed the developer on for three additional games.

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Modest Beginnings

Welcome to A Brief History of. Naughty Dog were founded in September Scratch that. The two founders were childhood friends from the US of A. The two young founders sold their first game in , which was called Math Jam — yes this studio goes on to make Uncharted.

Gavin and Rubin produced a sequence of progressively more successful games, including Rings of Power and Way of the Warrior in the early s. The latter game prompted Universal Interactive Studios to sign the duo to a three-title contract and fund the expansion of the company. Longtime American game designer and producer Mark Cerny convinced Naughty Dog to focus its new resources on creating a character-based platform game that would fully utilize the 3D capabilities of the new systems. Ultimately, this led to the release of Crash Bandicoot for the PlayStation in Naughty Dog developed three Crash Bandicoot games over the next several years.


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