Funny lord of the rings comics

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funny lord of the rings comics

Bored of the Rings: A Parody of J.R.R. Tolkiens Lord of the Rings by The Harvard Lampoon

A quest, a war, a ring that would be grounds for calling any wedding off, a king without a kingdom, and a little, furry hero named Frito, ready - or maybe just forced by the wizard of Goodgulf - to undertake the one mission which can save Lower Middle Earth from enslavement by the evil Sorhed...Luscious Elfmaidens, a roller-skating dragon, ugly plants that can soul-kiss the unwary to death - these are just some of the ingredients in the wildest, wackiest, most irreverent excursion into fantasy realms that anyone has ever dared to undertake.
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The Hobbit - Funny Moments part 2

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The Harvard Lampoon

The latter rose from the former, although the two are now so estranged that to reunite them would be an act of savage madness. Shamus Young is a programmer, an author , and nearly a composer. He works on this site full time. If you'd like to support him, you can do so via Patreon or PayPal. Nope that bit was completly new to me.

On this site you will find info and pictures on the obscure J. Tolkien: The Lord of the Rings comic book series. You are visitor number.
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Released between and , The Hobbit series created quite the buzz around fandom communities and fantasy book buffs. The Hobbit was written before Lord of the Rings , as Tolkien wrote the story for his young children. Bilbo is employed by a bunch of greedy dwarves whose greed and desire for gold is many of their undoing by the end. However, the movie, I felt The dwarves were far more humanized and people could easily tell the differences between their looks and personalities. Instead of just fighting for gold, they were fighting for home. The movie gave us much more complex characters.

When thinking about Tolkien Comics everyone who collects Tolkien books immediatly thinks about the very common and very known hobbit sequal first edited as three parts, now mostly available as one book. But when it comes to comics there ate many more around then any one could guess. The very first comic adaptation that I'm aware of is by Fleetway Publications, who published a fifteen-part adaptation of The Hobbit as a "visual serial" in Princess and Girl magazine in the United Kingdom. The story was published on a weekly basis between 10 October and 16 January , accompanied by five or six illustrations by Ferguson Dewar. But long before the first appearance of the hobbit comics there were the Lord of the rings comics. These " The Lord of the Rings " comic albums were drawn based on the Ralph Bakshi movie, as is mentioned inside the Dutch version of the comic albums.

When it comes critically-acclaimed fantasy epics, The Lord Of The Rings franchise has some of the biggest and most creative fans compared to other titles in the category. Tolkien's brilliant mind gave birth to such an imaginative and colorful world after all. Of course, Peter Jackson's visually-stunning The Lord Of The Rings film adaptation only helped propel the popularity of the series to astronomical proportions. The fantasy epic was beautifully translated onto the silver screen which earned itself hundreds of awards in just three films. Given the series' massive success, it's only natural that fans would want to expand Tolkien's world in their own ways as well. Fans love placing their own twists to the The Lord Of The Rings lore and what better way to add some color the story's dark tone than to insert some humor into it. With that said, fans have come up with some ingeniously hilarious comic strips that are either disturbingly true or cleverly comedic.


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