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Published 17.08.2019

Left's 'toxic masculinity' label to blame for male crisis?

Is Patriarchy to Blame for the Way Women Drink?

In an effort to accommodate the exploding demand for more, more, more radical feminism on the Internet, Spinster Aunt HQ brings you I Blame the Patriarchy , the patriarchy-blaming blog that scrutinizes popular culture to expose the hidden misogyny within. The views expressed are those of award-nominated spinster aunt Twisty Faster. In addition to providing Twisty with a platform from which to practice writing run-on sentences, IBTP is a port in the storm for women who have had it up to here. Many advanced blamers find IBTP useful for stimulating, non-dudeliocentric, troll-free discourse. The Blametariat includes some of the most hilarious and insightful feminist voices on the Internet. Other topics frequently addressed on the blog are atheism, natural history, science fiction, and bonobos. Benefits in this culture of domination are accrued according to a rigid hierarchy at the top of which are rich honky adult males and at the bottom of which are poor female children of color.

Twisty Faster, a spinster aunt whose obstreperal lobe is about to blow, has been bloviating about feminist issues since the last century. She became an Internet Feminist in Twisty looks after two dogs, three horses, a feral cat, five semi-wild deer, and one mother. Her interests include melancholy photography, looking at wild animals through binoculars or magnifying glasses, Number 1 Science Information, and crispy foods. Twisty was overeducated in the dudeliocentric humanities in Dallas and St. She has worked as an office temp, a clean-up woman in a mobile home factory, a bartender, a scenester, a restaurant critic, a rock star, and a breast cancer patient. She has a sibling named Tidy, nieces named Rotel and Finn, a sidekick named Stingray, and an assistant named Dusty.

Your interest in blaming the patriarchy places you among some of the most elite blamers of our time. The most popular ideology in the world, patriarchy provides blamers, both amateurs and professionals, with a rich and virtually endless supply of hideous source material. This is a feminist blog. It discusses feminism from the point of view that the value of the liberation of women from patriarchal oppression is not itself a matter of debate. In order to be considered suitable for posting here, your remarks must proceed from within a framework of radical feminist theory.

Other topics frequently addressed on the blog are atheism, natural history, I Blame the Patriarchy endeavors to expose to feminist scrutiny and critique the.
what is the sequel to cross my heart


I moved my blog to WordPress recently and, in the process of building a list of sources and links, found I Blame The Patriarchy which says it's a "patriarchy-blaming blog that advances the radical feminist views of Twisty Faster, a gentleman farmer and spinster aunt eating dinner in Austin, Texas. I went to the site's FAQ page and found exactly what I was looking for:. These views revolve around evidence that patriarchy is a violently tyrannical but nearly invisible social order based on an oppressive paradigm of class and status fetishizing dominance and submission. Patriarchy's benefits are accrued according to a rigid hierarchy at the top of which are rich honky adult males and at the bottom of which are poor female children of color. The Twisty Revolution envisions a post-patriarchal order free of theocracy, corporatocracy, gender, race, deity worship, marriage, discrimination, prostitution, exploitation, the nuclear family, reproduction, caste, violence, the oppression of children, pornography, rape, and government interference, particularly with respect to private uteruses, non-abusive domestic arrangements, drug habits, lives, and deaths.

This is Chris Bradley's journal about writing, cooking, video games, reading, camping and his various other interests. Twisty Faster's I Blame the Patriarchy has annoyed me for a while now, and I've kept it on my RSS aggregator largely because she has some nice pictures of bugs, and who doesn't like bugs? It will be going off my RSS aggregator and the reasons why are sufficiently interesting that I think they deserve a post. The final straw was this article. It's a picture of something she ate at some restaurant, seared foie gras.

This is cross-posted at Restructure! I blame the Patriarchy, partly. I understood the creative potential of being able to communicate with computer users all over the world. I knew that Internet access would allow me to communicate with others without my social anxiety getting in the way. For five years, I was part of a persistent family campaign to convince my father that we should get Internet access. The implied moral of these news stories was that the Internet was dangerous and full of sexual predators.


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