The siege of rochester castle ks3

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the siege of rochester castle ks3

You Wouldnt Want to Live in a Medieval Castle!: A Home Youd Rather Not Inhabit by Jacqueline Morley

Learn about life during the Siege of King Johns castle (John being Henry the 3rds father), titles and classes of the military, servants and the nobles, the layouts of castles, warfare, survival, etc.
I knew about King John and this Siege in 1216, but even through a juvenile non-fiction, I still learn cool stuff.
Anyone who knows me knows I dont like History books unless theyre about a subject that interests me, but so far, this entire series, You wouldnt want to..., is a great reading experience, because, regardless of the subject matter, it is always fun, humorous and educational. The thing that also impresses me about this whole series is even in stories of war, battle, and while there is death, blood, torture, etc, the authors and illustrators never go really indepth with that (which is both good for the parents), but the kids also understand because it is told to them, hey this happened, and it is sad, and we move on.
I really really really want to give this entire series to all of my moms who have reluctant readers, especially boys. I think because the dialogue of the books is pretty standard for 3rd Grade Reading Level, its got just enough difficult words for the kids to 1) read with their parents, 2) appreciate the artwork, 3) appreciate the humor, 4) actually understand/learn what is going on. 5) there are enough subject matters in this series to appeal to any person...If I were a homeschool parent, this series, the Who is? Juvenile Biographies, the I survived, American Girl, Dear Reader Girls, Magic School Bus and Magic Treehouse would be my go to series for my young learners.
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Castle: Rochester and Hedingham

Rochester Castle: Facts and Information

Perched high on the site of an old Roman settlement Rochester Castle dominates the skyline. Strategically positioned on the east bank of the River Medway, the massive architectural impact of the old ruined Norman fortifications is evident whichever angle you approach it from. The equally impressive Rochester Cathedral stands at the base of the castle, another architectural jewel in this small but historically rich south eastern town. The castle itself was built on the site where the Romans had originally settled in the town. This location was of tactical importance, being at the junction of the River Medway and the famous Roman Watling Street and it is not hard to see why the Normans decided to use this as a location for the fortress. In fact before the Normans arrived , castles were virtually unheard of in England, but soon proved to be an architectural necessity when consolidating captured areas, leading to the construction of equally imposing fortifications around the country. In Gundulf, Bishop of Rochester began the construction of the castle.

Built at the bridging point where Watling Street crosses the Medway, this was one of the first Norman Castles to be fortified in stone. Audio tour: small charge. Location: Rochester Castle is located in the city centre, off Castle Hill. Facilities: toilets, gift shop. There has been a fortification at the important defensive site of Rochester since pre-Roman times. Under Emperor Claudius, the invading legions fought a major battle here in 43 AD, overcoming fierce resistance by staging an audacious river crossing and encircling the encamped local tribes.

The 12th-century keep or stone tower, which is the castle's most prominent feature, is one of the best preserved in England or France. Situated on the River Medway and Watling Street , Rochester served as a strategically important royal castle. During the late medieval period it helped protect England's south-east coast from invasion. The first castle at Rochester was founded in the aftermath of the Norman Conquest. It was given to Bishop Odo , probably by his half-brother William the Conqueror. During the Rebellion of over the succession to the English throne, Odo supported Robert Curthose , the Conqueror's eldest son, against William Rufus.

In the fall of the year , John was at war with a number of rebels. He had left London and gone to the southeast, trying to put together an army to fight the rebels.
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The great keep of Rochester was built in , but even after almost years, two sieges and centuries of post-medieval abuse and disuse, it remains a very imposing building. This outer wall that encloses the bailey made use of a corner angle of the former Roman wall of the city, along with the bank of the river Medway. Gundulf, bishop of Rochester, was responsible for its construction, as well as starting work on the adjacent Cathedral. Indeed the tower of Rochester would probably have been whitewashed in similar style to its sibling in London. The timber and lead-lined roof that would have protected it from the elements is gone, as have the floors that would have made for several storeys of impressive accommodation, so from the base you can look right up through some 30metres of stonework to the sky beyond. That siege took seven weeks for John to break, after his men had undermined the tower and brought down a quarter of the keep itself. Read more on the baronial revolt against King John.




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