I have heard the future

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i have heard the future

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Published 20.08.2019

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Conjugate "to hear" - English conjugation

The future perfect is a verb form or construction used to describe an event that is expected or planned to happen before a time of reference in the future, such as will have finished in the English sentence "I will have finished by tomorrow. In English, the future perfect construction consists of a future construction such as the auxiliary verb will or shall or the going-to future and the perfect infinitive of the main verb which consists of the infinitive of the auxiliary verb have and the past participle of the main verb. This parallels the construction of the "normal" future verb forms combining the same first components with the plain infinitive e. For example:. The auxiliary is commonly contracted to ' ll in speech and often in writing, and the first part of the perfect infinitive is commonly contracted to ' ve in speech: see English auxiliaries and contractions. The negative form is made with will not or shall not ; these have their own contractions won't and shan't.

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