Ken burns the west intro

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ken burns the west intro

The West by Geoffrey C. Ward

Great introduction to the history of the American West. For someone like me, who has always been interested in that period of our history, but hadnt read much on the topic, this is a great first book. The photographs are fantastic. You can spend all day just browsing this book, going back in time via the photography.

Being a companion book to a PBS documentary series it reads like a Ken Burns film. Because of this, the narrative jumps around a lot, and for the most part provides brief snipets of information on various figures from the era. While the specialist will perhaps find this shallow or redundant, for the newbie its a great intro.

There isnt much here on the popular aspects of the Old West: Gunfighters are only briefly mentioned, the Alamo is glossed over in just a couple of pages, etc. Much of the narrative is devoted to the exploration and settlement of The West, delving into the conflicts that resulted. Much space is given to the conflict and wars the Native Americans.

As I said ealier, this is a great introduction to the period, I learned a great deal form it. And it has helped me to clairfy which of the many aspects of Old West history Im most interested in. So inspired, Ive already begun searching out books on those topics.
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The Vietnam War (Ep1 of 10) - Ken Burns & Lynn Novick - PBS America

It was directed by Stephen Ives and featured Ken Burns as executive producer.
Geoffrey C. Ward

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Sign in. The West had always symbolized hope and new beginnings, but in the s, as more American pioneers poured west to start over, they brought with them the nation's oldest, most divisive issue By the late 's, American settlers continue to claim tribal lands while the Dawes Act tries to break up the tribal structure of the Native American nations. The Native Americans take up the Ghost Breakout star Erin Moriarty of " The Boys " explains how her newfound popularity is fueling Season 2 of the hit series.

The People The West begins as the whole world to the people who live there. It becomes a New World when Europeans arrive, a world shaken by incompatible visions. And almost three centuries later, when Lewis and Clark venture west to find a Northwest Passage, this world becomes the testing-ground for a young nation's continent-spanning dream. Empire Upon the Trails Americans head west along many pathways -- following the fur trade into the mountains, fighting for self-determination in Texas, seeking religious freedom in Utah or a better life along the Oregon Trail. But in the push to strike it rich, many are violently pushed aside. Death Runs Riot Civil war comes early to the West. In Utah, federal troops march against Mormon polygamy.

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A Journey through the Eight-Part Documentary Series

Designed to complement THE WEST, the site assembles many of the documentary materials that went into the making of this landmark series and highlights the new perspectives it affords on this much-surveyed part of our past. This unique educational resource is made possible by General Motors Corporation as part of its commitment to sharing the American experience through outreach programming that meets the needs of today's students. Developed in response to students' enthusiasm for the interactive environment of the Internet, it brings our nation's frontier heritage into contact with the technological frontier of our own day, offering educators a valuable tool for stimulating research, discovery and intellectual growth. Together with the documentary series that is its foundation, New Perspectives on THE WEST can help students -- and all with an interest in this region's fabled history -- see beyond the stereotypes that still obscure our view of the American West and begin to recognize how profoundly the West still shapes our experience as Americans today. Apart from the guided tour, the web site does not present a narrative history of the West. Instead, it presents the elements of Western history -- profiles, documents, images -- and encourages visitors to link these into patterns of historical meaning for themselves.

Much popular music of the period was heard on the soundtrack, as was some music specifically composed and recorded for use in the film. This is primarily recommended to those viewers deeply impressed by the series, rather than the general music listener, who might find the range of styles -- primarily mixing jazz and classical sides, but also with some non-jazz songs from then and now -- too wide to sustain interest. An illustrated booklet from Ken Burns explains the conception and intention of the documentary series, with a smaller one explaining the reasoning behind the music selected for the soundtrack. AllMusic relies heavily on JavaScript. Please enable JavaScript in your browser to use the site fully.



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