Who were the zealots in the bible

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who were the zealots in the bible

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The Zealots and Jesus

Meet Simon the Zealot: A Mystery Apostle

Simon the Zealot, one of Jesus Christ 's 12 apostles , is a mystery character in the Bible. We have one tantalizing bit of information about him, which has led to ongoing debate among Bible scholars. To confuse things further, Bible scholars argue over whether Simon was a member of the radical Zealot party or whether the term simply referred to his religious zeal. Those who take the former view think Jesus may have chosen Simon, a member of the tax-hating, Roman-hating Zealots, to counterbalance Matthew , a former tax collector, and employee of the Roman empire. Those scholars say such a move by Jesus would have shown that his kingdom reaches out to people in all walks of life. Another odd aspect of Simon's appointment was that the Zealots generally agreed with the Pharisees , as far as legalistic observance of the commandments. Jesus frequently clashed with the Pharisees over their strict interpretation of the law.

Zealots were one of several New Testament period Jewish political movements. The Historian Josephus states, regarding this fourth of four major sects that existed in the first century A. Fausset's Bible Dictionary confirms there is a link between Judas the Galilean and the radical zealots of Judaism.
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Who are the Zealots?

The Zealots were a political movement in 1st-century Second Temple Judaism , which sought to incite the people of Judea Province to rebel against the Roman Empire and expel it from the Holy Land by force of arms, most notably during the First Jewish—Roman War 66— Zealotry was the term used by Josephus for a "fourth sect" or "fourth Jewish philosophy" during this period. Josephus ' Jewish Antiquities [3] states that there were three main Jewish sects at this time, the Pharisees , the Sadducees , and the Essenes. The Zealots were a "fourth sect", founded by Judas of Galilee also called Judas of Gamala in the year 6 CE against Quirinius' tax reform , shortly after the Roman Empire declared what had most recently been the tetrarchy of Herod Archelaus to be a Roman province , and that they "agree in all other things with the Pharisaic notions; but they have an inviolable attachment to liberty, and say that God is to be their only Ruler and Lord. According to the Jewish Encyclopedia article on Zealots : [4]. Judah of Gaulanitis is regarded as the founder of the Zealots, who are identified as the proponents of the Fourth Philosophy.


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