On the side of me

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on the side of me

The Other Side of Me by Sidney Sheldon

It was a thrill to read this book, considering Sidney Sheldon s novels have been a favourite of mine for decades. What a brilliant, fecund writer! As we learn from this work in the first part of his life he brought entertainment to countless people by being the man behind some great movies, and television series. He grew up in relative poverty, the fact eg that his family would remorselessly squeeze out any vestiges of toothpaste from the tube resonates with an African like myself.

He loved the world of reading and writing from an early age. His breakthrough was fortuitous and a close-run thing, as a lady helped him to type a sort of summary, resume of a book. In this work we are frequently reminded of Sheldon the master of the unexpected in his narratives, it often looks like fiction, but it is not, it is the story of his life. In the early days he does all he can to put together impressive screenplays, and makes a name for himself despite vicissitudes.

Mr Sheldon unambiguously has what is referred to as ubuntu in southern Africa, ie hes a humane, good man in essence. Here we read about the bad times when he could not even pay his black domestic who helps with the baby at home. He had no choice, she had to go. Yet she refuses, despite the fact her employers cannot pay her! She prefers to stay on. Incredibly, when she hears Mr Sheldon and wife quarelling about not being able to afford to go out one day, she hands some money over to them to go out, despite being unpaid! No doubt she loved her employers very much.

Later on in this work, quite abruptly, we read about the author becoming a novelist and ultimately a world famous, best selling one. But it was not so easy for him in the beginning- we laugh as we read about a sort of promotions/launch of his first novel as apparently nobody is interested in the book, and avoid his section...until a lady takes pity on him and chances to buy a copy. It was an act of mercy..

What a wonderful life Mr Sheldon lived, creating so many beautiful things, television classics and novels....and the novels were transformed into superb movies too. Take the early tv series I dream of Jeannie and how it was loved worldwide for many decades. Think of the very first episode with the actor Larry Hagman being kissed by the gorgeous Barbara Eden I must have gone further into orbit than I thought…

In our modern times, snippets from all Sheldon creations can be appreciated anytime. I for one even now regularly check on Youtube Sheldon drama with its supplementary, superb music or sound effects - of my favourite Sheldon movies like If tomorrow comes, Master of the game, and The other side of midnight. Sheldon has brought fizz and excitement to millions around the world and we must always celebrate him! A great, great man.
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On the side of me - Corrine May

Corrinne May:On The Side Of Me Lyrics

It was written and produced by Ed Goldfarb and performed by Dani Marcus. Once I believed, I could do anything, And I built a world with room for only me, But without you I am nothing, And I've learned how strong together we can be, I finally realized, tell me were you surprised, Make my wish come true to be home at last with you, Make my wish come true to be home at last. You know every side of me, All the hidden places I can't see, That tear us apart, tear us apart Or bring us together. Make my wish come true to be home at last. Make my wish come true to be home at last with you, Make my wish come true to be home at last.

Wade Wood Associates. Photography By. John Bantin. Hot lyrics. Featured lyrics. You think you know me pretty well, But how can you tell, You never get inside my head. The times we talk, we never speak, We play hide and seek So many things are left unsaid.

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The Other Side of Me is the thirty-fifth studio album by American pop singer Andy Williams , released in the summer of by Columbia Records and including the recording of " Solitaire " from his album of the same name alongside 10 original recordings, four of which were also by "Solitaire" composer Neil Sedaka. After unsuccessful attempts to leave behind the formulaic album genre of easy listening covers of pop hits, The Other Side of Me offered a compromise by filling half of the sides with material that was popularized by other artists and the other half with either new or obscure selections. The UK version of the album included one additional track, "Love Said Goodbye" which had entered Billboard' s list of the 40 most popular Easy Listening songs of the week in the US in the issue dated January 11, , and reached number 24 over the course of seven weeks. From the liner notes for the CD: [1]. From the liner notes for the original album: [3].


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