Why didn t the eagles take frodo to mordor

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why didn t the eagles take frodo to mordor

The Return of the King - Why didnt Gandalf take the ring to Mount Doom on the back of an eagle. Showing 1-50 of 287

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Why Didn't the Eagles Fly Frodo to Mount Doom? Middle-earth Explained

Why didn't the Fellowship of the Ring use the Eagles to fly to Mordor, . Sauron nor the Nazgul reacted when Sam took the Ring from Frodo at.

Could the eagles have flown Frodo into Mordor?

NOTE: A revision of this post is now up on my new site. The video is, of course, comedy, and not all Eagle scenarios are the same, yet it raises an interesting question. However, the reason the Ringbearer did not fly to Mordor by Eagle is fairly simple: the purpose of the Fellowship of the Ring and the linchpin of the entire strategy decided on in Rivendell was to destroy the Ring in a mission of secrecy. Taking the Eagles might have worked, I will grant that. However, it would have sacrificed secrecy and drastically increased the changes of the Ring being captured. Eagles are, clearly, far more noticeable than Hobbits or other travelers on foot. We know of only three the Morannon, Cirith Ungol, and the Nameless Pass , but it stands to reason that there were more.

Tolkien was a man of faith—specifically, he was a Roman Catholic. It was they who sent the Istari the Wizards to aid the peoples of Middle-Earth. But taking it from an entirely in-world standpoint, the meme-poster appears ignorant of the fact that Gwaihir the Eagle who saved Gandalf and his Eagles are servants of Manwe, High King of Arda, highest of the Valar, and lord of the air. The Eagles are his creatures, essentially, and report to him directly, bringing him news from all parts of the world. Which is to say, the Eagles are essentially divine messengers. Without getting into too much detail you could, and Tolkien did, write several books on this subject alone , the Valar long ago left Middle-Earth to its own devices. Once the Ringbearer had completed his quest, the Eagles assisted Gandalf in saving Frodo and Sam from a fiery death.

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By using our site, you acknowledge that you have read and understand our Cookie Policy , Privacy Policy , and our Terms of Service. It only takes a minute to sign up. Why didn't Gandalf use his eagles to fly over Mount Doom and drop the ring? I know he feared what he would do if the ring overpowered him, so why not just give Frodo an eagle? And, if there would be too much risk in flying the ring to Mordor, couldn't the eagles fly them part of the way? Why risk it with such a long walk; far less risky to fly over most of the journey. In short, the eagles would also be tempted to take the ring.


  1. Jude W. says:

    Why didn't the Eagles just fly over Mordor and drop the One Ring into Even if one of the Eagles had carried Frodo or Gandalf on their back.

  2. Chromlatugo says:

    Why didn’t the Eagles fly the Ring to Mount Doom (or the Lonely Mountain)?

  3. Apnelmozon says:

    People bringing up the "buh da eagles" argument either didn't read the . implying that his plan the whole time was for them to take the eagles just on Gate before Frodo destroys the ring, so the Nazgul presence in Mordor.

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