The history of cooking food

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the history of cooking food

History through Food and Cooking (140 books)

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Published 31.08.2019

The History of Food

Food History

By Graham Lawton. Breakfast: fibrous and bitter leaves; fruit. Lunch: bark; fruit; raw monkey meat and brains. Dinner: grubs; leaves; fruit. No, not the latest food fad from Hollywood, but the diet of our closest living relatives, the chimpanzees.

Cooking or cookery is the art , technology , science and craft of preparing food for consumption.
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A Rich Cuisine Steeped in Heritage

The origins of cooking cannot be exactly traced, but for sure, it has evolved significantly. For cooking to be possible, the discovery of fire must have happened first. Most likely, the first person who discovered how to cook has done it by accident. Maybe, raw meat happened to fall in a fire, and man has found out that it was tastier and easier to chew. Since then, the rest was history. It was believed that primitive humans have begun to cook , years ago by tossing a raw piece of something into the fire. The first method of cooking was roasting, where a fish or a bird was placed on the end of a stick and held over an open fire.


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