The irish flute players handbook

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the irish flute players handbook

The Irish Flute Players Handbook by S.C. Hamilton

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Published 02.09.2019

Shannon Heaton, flute player

The Irish Flute Player's Handbook

International Journal on Digital Libraries. This paper presents the curation and annotation of a collection of traditional Irish flute recordings to facilitate the analysis of stylistic characteristics. We introduce the structure of Irish tunes, types of tunes and the ornamentation, which is a decisive stylistic determinant in Irish traditional music. We identify seminal recordings of prominent flute players and provide information related to players and their style and geographical context. We describe the process of manual annotation of the audio data. The annotations consist of the onsets of notes, note frequency and identity of notes and ornaments.

The lower notes can be harder for beginners. My advice is to listen to lots of different players until you feel yourself gravitating toward a sound that you like, and try to emulate it. This is a big difference between classical flute playing, where tonguing is used to separate staccato notes, and Irish flute playing, where glottal stops are more commonly used. Fingering charts for the simple-system flute are available from these online resources:. Listen to other flute players to get a sense of the range of possibilities. You can also get ideas from listening to pipers, fiddlers, whistle players, accordion players, singers, and other musicians. If there are other flute players in your area, ask them if they have any recordings or field tapes that you could borrow.

Are there particular makers that started this trend? I suppose this could dovetail into a discussion about the general trend of flutes made recently for Irish music rather than the "traditional" antique German and English flutes. Easier fingering, modern pitch, geared to the most common keys in which music was being played. I made my first keyless Irish flute in , after 7 months in spent in England, Scotland and Ireland researching what was happening there in traditional music on an Australia Council grant. That trip also included time spent in the Bate flute collection at Oxford, having met Philip Bate in London. If others had been making Irish flutes earlier or at the same time, I was blissfully unaware of them, as they no doubt would have been of me. No internet back then.

Fingering and Ornamentation

Users browsing this forum: Google and 8 guests. Posted: Sun Dec 16, pm. I am open to offers - from here it goes to eBay. All offers will be kept confidential. It will be a delight to an accomplished player as much as to a beginner and would make a wonderful present. It is a complete traditional flute player's source book with pages. It contains illustrated sections on history and development, the flute in Ireland, a tutor section introducing the reader to playing the flute in the Irish tradition, repair and maintenance, and manufacture.

Tried and tested, this is a greatly expanded and improved update of the very first Irish flute tutor which was published in Its pages are packed with background information and suitable for all from the most basic to the most advanced levels. The book covers breathing and ornamentation techniques, has a hundred and five notated tunes and a companion CDs with tracks of tuition, ornamentation and music examples. This 'method' is perfectly suited too to the tin whistle. This book first appeared in as Timber, The Concert-Flute Tutor, the first learning manual for the flute in Irish traditional music. It was a milestone for an instrument which had hitherto been surrounded by much myth and mystery. Indeed, the wooden flute was so invisible to the world outside of Irish music at that time that the first edition was turned down by several publishers on the grounds that there would be no demand for it.



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    The Irish flute player's handbook

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    Here are links to downloadable extracts in PDF format from the Handbook. The Flute in Ireland Extract. Learning to play the flute in the Irish tradition Extract.

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    Colin Hammy Hamilton was born in in Belfast.

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