Murder on the orient express inspiration

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murder on the orient express inspiration

Murder on the Orient Express Quotes by Agatha Christie

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Max Factor Presents: Murder On The Orient Express Look

In Agatha Christie's crime novel Murder on the Orient Express, the well- mustachioed Belgian detective Hercule Poirot solves the grisly stabbing.

Murder on the Orient Express

The U. Hercule Poirot is traveling when he is suddenly called back to London. He travels back with a friend, a director of the Wagon Lit. Company, to Calais. During the first night of the trip, the train is forced to stop due to a snow drift that has partially obstructed the tracks. The next morning the body of one of the passengers is found, the victim having suffered multiple stab wounds.

Hercule Poirot says those words towards the end of Murder on the Orient Express , writer Agatha Christie's mystery novel about the hunt for a killer aboard a snowbound train. Why do readers and viewers keep boarding this perilous choo-choo? The answer lies in the past -- specifically in a real kidnapping that shocked the world. While many of Christie's stories have been adapted for the big screen and Poirot was the star of his own long-running British television series, this specific tale of locomotive crime has lingered in the public imagination. After a film starring Albert Finney, a made-for-TV movie starring Alfred Molina, and even a computer game that updated the mystery for the point-and-click era, we're now greeted by another take, this one a star-studded blockbuster for the Cinematic Universe age with polymath Kenneth Branagh donning Poirot's moustache and directing the film in his unapologetically lush, Dutch-angle -filled style.

Edward Ratchett Johnny Depp is found dead in his train compartment on the Orient Express; a dozen, seemingly unconnected suspects deny any involvement, and Belgian private inspector Hercule Poirot Kenneth Branagh is desperate to solve the case.
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Skip navigation! Story from Movies. Six and a half hours later, I arose from the couch with the book completed, and my mind utterly blown. Now that's how you write a murder mystery. The novel has everything you could want in a winter read : A massive cast of idiosyncratic and quirky individuals, a lavish setting, and, most chillingly, a plot that has basis in truth. On Friday, November 10, a new film adaptation of Murder on the Orient Express hits theaters, since 20th Century Fox recognized, as I did, this is the perfect little story. But first, a bit of plot.

There are many contenders for the "trial of the twentieth century. In , Charles Lindbergh Jr. A media whirlwind ensued, but after a couple of months of fruitless attempts to locate and rescue Charles Lindbergh Jr. The police made little headway in the case for a while, although some heavy suspicion fell on the household staff. Violet Sharp, a maid in the Lindbergh household, was repeatedly questioned by police on suspicion of complicity. Eventually, Sharp committed suicide by poisoning herself. Later, the police concluded that she was not involved.

Murder On The Orient Express, which sees Detective Hercule Poirot fight crime aboard a luxurious transcontinental passenger train, has now been turned into a big-screen adaption starring Kenneth Branagh, as the famed crime-fighter, Johnny Depp, Penelope Cruz and Judi Dench. But while the story is still iconic 80 years after it was first published, many readers do not know it was inspired by a chilling real-life event. In Charles Lindbergh, a handsome American aviator, became the first man to fly the Atlantic solo. Cops made a breakthrough in when they managed to trace the money back to a German immigrant called Bruno Hauptmann, a carpenter-turned-Wall-Street-investor. An innocent maid, Violet Sharp, was driven to suicide after the police suspected she had been involved. Christie lifted this case for Murder On The Orient Express, and the parallels between the fictional and real-life crime are clear. In real life, Charles and Anne Morrow Lindbergh survived and went on to have five more healthy children.


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