The great k & a train robbery 1926

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the great k & a train robbery 1926

The Great K & A Train Robbery by Paul Leicester Ford

If you love turn-of-the-century romance and railroad fiction, this short novel is for you. The story quickly moves from New Mexico to Arizona via the K&A Railroad. Aboard the train is Dick Gordon, protagonist and the superintendent of the line. Also aboard this train is the Cullen family. Mr. Cullen is the executive officer of another small railroad. Cullen’s son and two of his Oxford school chums are traveling in this group along with Cullen’s daughter, Madge, who becomes the love interest of Dick Gordon.

The Cullen party is en route to a board meeting of the Great Southern RR which is attempting a takeover. Three registered letters are en route to that meeting in a K&A mail car. The train robbery involves the theft of these letters.

The robbery occurs in a remote desert area of Arizona. Nothing but the three letters is taken. In a convoluted twist of action, Dick Gordon ends up in jail, is released, and ultimately rescued by the cavalry after an unexpected delay.

As with every good “happily ever after” romance, Dick wins the hand of Madge, whom he believed to be out of his league socially and financially. Dick also receives the benefit of a promotion arranged by Madge’s father as reward for his help in the robbery affair.

Unlike the happy ending in Paul Leicester Ford’s novel, the author’s life did not end well. After many years as a successful author and historian, he was shot at the age of 37 by a disinherited brother.
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Great K & A Train Robbery

Cullen has hired Tom to try and stop the robberies on his railroad. Knowing Cullen's secretary Holt is tipping off the gang, Tom works undercover by posing as a highwayman. To help him bring in the gang he enlists the help of the hobo DeLuxe Harry. Lee John Wayne. Lew Seiler Productions. I can see why some have likened Tom Mix to a proto-Jackie Chan. Review by ObscureHollywood.

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Cullen's daughter, Madge, senses that Tom is not a criminal and soon falls in love with him. Madge is sought after by Burton Carl Miller , her father's secretary, who is in league with the bandits. Tom eventually discovers his duplicity, and with the aid of Tony, his horse, rounds up the villains and wins the hand of Madge.
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