Close encounters of the fourth kind

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close encounters of the fourth kind

Close Encounters of the Fourth Kind by C.D.B. Bryan

Ever wondered if the truth really was out there?

I always have. Growing up I always had an interest in UFO sightings, alien abductions and close encounters. My mom witnessed multiple UFO sightings throughout her life and so have I; most recently I saw one while driving back to her house in the New Mexican desert just a couple of years ago. Now if what I saw was actually extraterrestrial is up for debate, but it was definitely an unidentified object!

So while I always had an interest in these topics, I didnt have a clue as to the literature out there. I wanted to learn more and to see for myself what evidence was out there. I started with this book.

Close Encounters of the Fourth Kind details, and I mean DETAILS, the five day conference at MIT which explored topics in ufology and alien abduction. The conference featured presentations and discussions between professionals (scientists, psychiatrists, psychologists, etc) and abductees, who were really average people - teachers, government workers, farmers. The author of the book went into the conference as a skeptic (one might say an Atheist to abductions) and I think that benefited the book. He documented the conference very accurately (he recorded everything) and presented the information as it was. Every now and then you will read his opinion, which was worthwhile because you can see how his opinion evolves as the book carries on.

In between the conference days and even post-conference, author C.D.B. Bryan conducts MANY interviews. While I learned a lot in these interviews, the book did suffer a little because I felt that he was giving TOO much text devoted to some of these abductees, whose experiences began to sound crazier and crazier (one abductee describes her floating onto a UFO to deliver an alien-human hybrid baby). So I knocked the book down one star because of the length at which these interviews went (something like 100 pages!).

I still believe the truth is out there and this book has opened my eyes to the evidence that exists. The fact is, SOMETHING is happening to these people - all over the world - and whether it is a psychological phenomenon or little ETs visiting us is the question. If you want to explore this debate, then you have to read this book!

I have many more questions now, though; luckily, this book gives good ideas as to where I should look next to explore this topic further. Most particularly I appreciated the theories explored in the book, such as that aliens are not from another galaxy but traveling from another dimension (the multiverse theory).

The short version? Probably a must-read for anyone interested in an objective, broad discussion on alien abductions and close encounters. Youll read the evidence, the counterarguments, and the words of abductees themselves. Excellent starter book for those wanting to learn more!

(Oh, Ill give a content warning for child abuse. There are discussions on child abuse among abductees, and some detailed descriptions of abuse in some of the interviews published.)
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Encounters of the 4th Kind

Movie review: Too-close encounters in 'The Fourth Kind'

The title is derived from the expansion of J. Allen Hynek 's classification of close encounters with aliens, in which the fourth kind denotes alien abductions. The film is a pseudodocumentary purporting to be based on real events occurring in Nome, Alaska in , in which psychologist Dr. Abigail Emily "Abbey" Tyler uses hypnosis to uncover memories from her patients of alien abduction, and finds evidence suggesting that she may have been abducted as well. The film has two components: dramatization , in which actors portray the individuals involved, and " documentary ", in which video footage purports to show the 'actual' victims undergoing hypnosis.

The Fourth Kind is a American science fiction psychological thriller film directed by The title is derived from the expansion of J. Allen Hynek's classification of close encounters with aliens, in which the fourth kind denotes alien.
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The Fourth Kind is, in so many ways, a really awful film. Directed by Olatunde Osunsanmi and released in the UK over the weekend, it purports to be a dramatic reconstruction of events that took place in the city of Nome, Alaska, involving the disappearance of local residents. If you were to accept this film at face value, you would be left in no doubt whatsoever that these disappearances were the result of "close encounters of the fourth kind" — abduction by aliens. The film employs several far-from-subtle techniques in an attempt to convince viewers that what they are watching is based entirely upon documented evidence. Both the trailer and the film itself open with an assurance to that effect, direct to camera, from the film's star:. This film is a dramatisation of events that occurred October




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    Sometimes these people are completely rational about their beliefs in an extraterrestrial kind, sometimes they're not.

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    The Fourth Kind - Wikipedia

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    Alien abduction flick The Fourth Kind bills itself as containing "actual footage" from case histories.

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