Lee child running blind the visitor

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lee child running blind the visitor

Running Blind (Jack Reacher, #4) by Lee Child

I am afraid that this is a complete load of pants.

Lee child has been my guilty pleasure, but this book does not have reacher doing what he does best (killing people!) or the epic scale of the other books. And there are some serious flaws with the logic in the book.

Flaw One - Reacher is pulled in by the FBI because the results of a serial killer profiling exercise have resulted in the fact that it is Reacher. Despite going through his personal history, the FBI never once question him on his involvement with counterfeiting, armed militias, vietnam hoaxs and the rest.

Reacher convincing them he is not their man, but embarassingly for the story line, the FBI threaten his girlfriend if he doesnt help.

Reacher gets involved with the case as a special advisor - and its in more of a private detective mode investigating the case, rather than gung ho and smashing people up.

Then there is the story - several women who have filed complaints against the military for sexual harassment are found dead in a bath of paint. The FBI cannot determine how this is being completed

The answer is the second major flaw but is easily determined. They are being hypnotised into killing themseleves by the woman who is heading up the case.

And why is she doing this - because of an inheritance scam with her sister - one of the casualities. The other murders are simply to cover her tracks. Please dont insult the readers intelligence.

On a personal level - Reacher lets himself down my having a liaison with another invesigator before he closes things down with his previous dream woman, who he leaves cause he doesnt want to settle down.

By far and away, the weakest in the series to date.

I will perservere with the next one however.
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Running Blind Summary & Study Guide

In Jack Reacher we get a superhero, indomitable and ruthless yet also compassionate and occasionally gentle In Jack Reacher, Lee Child has created an epic hero: tough, taciturn, yet vulnerable. Smith in the U. Very tough. When Sergeant Amy Callan and Lieutenant Caroline Cook are found dead in their own homes—in baths filled with Army-issue camouflage paint, their bodies completely unmarked—Jack Reacher is under suspicion.

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It was published in by Bantam in the United Kingdom. In the United States; the book was released under the title Running Blind. It is written in the second and third person. The prologue opens with a mystery person's point of view on knowledge, power and killing, "People say that knowledge is power. The more knowledge, the more power. Suppose you knew the winning numbers for the lottery?


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    Running-Blind-The-Visitor. In Jack Reacher we get a superhero, indomitable and ruthless yet also compassionate and occasionally gentle - The Poisoned Pen.

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    Running Blind Summary & Study Guide

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