Religions of the world textbook

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religions of the world textbook

Understanding World Religions: An Interdisciplinary Approach by Irving Hexham

Globalization and high-speed communication put twenty-first century people in contact with adherents to a wide variety of world religions, but usually, valuable knowledge of these other traditions is limited at best. On the one hand, religious stereotypes abound, hampering a serious exploration of unfamiliar philosophies and practices. On the other hand, the popular idea that all religions lead to the same God or the same moral life fails to account for the distinctive origins and radically different teachings found across the world’s many religions. Understanding World Religions presents religion as a complex and intriguing matrix of history, philosophy, culture, beliefs, and practices. Hexham believes that a certain degree of objectivity and critique is inherent in the study of religion, and he guides readers in responsible ways of carrying this out. Of particular importance is Hexham’s decision to explore African religions, which have frequently been absent from major religion texts. He surveys these in addition to varieties of Hinduism, Buddhism, Judaism, Christianity, and Islam.
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Browse our most popular World Religions titles below. This leading textbook for world religion is designed to help students in their study and research of the world's religious traditions. Known for its balanced approach, this text addresses ways to study religion, provides broad coverage of diverse religions, and offers an arresting layout with rich illustrations. Learn more! This leading textbook for world religions is now available in a more concise version. Many of the features of Introduction to World Religions are retained in this volume but with focus on the religious traditions themselves. Learn More!

Religion textbooks offer a wealth of information on the world's religions and the history of man's search for meaning. Whether you are shopping for textbooks with instructions on how to build an ark, the principles of enlightenment, prayer guidelines for the devout or studies on how religions can learn to peacefully coexist, we have you covered. Browse through our vast catalog of used religion textbooks and save by buying cheap textbooks surrounding Christianity, Buddhism, Hinduism, Mysticism, Islam, comparative religions, and more. Most religions agree that overextending one's self financially should be avoided at all costs and that simplicity results in a balanced mind. This makes buying cheap textbooks for college essential for the budget conscious student. Why spend a fortune on college text books at campus bookstores, when you can enjoy saving hundreds of dollars by purchasing used textbooks for sale online?

In recent years there has been a renewed interest in textbooks, partly because they have maintained their position as an important genre.
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We currently use this textbook from St. There is a single short paragraph about the Eucharist and a picture of the first Episcopal priestess when talking about vocations. Midwest Theological Forum has an Ecumenism textbook coming out, but it only covers the Abrahamic religions.

He was Richard D. Professor Smith, whose last teaching post was at the University of California, Berkeley, had an interest in religion that transcended the academic. It was through psychedelic drugs in the early s that Professor Smith believed he came closest to experiencing God. Leary , a Harvard professor who championed mind-altering substances, recruited Professor Smith to help in an investigation of psychedelic drugs. At the time, Professor Smith was teaching philosophy nearby at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. Leary thought that he had had a profound religious experience in Mexico in August when he first ate psilocybin mushrooms, which can produce hallucinations.

More Options. This beautifully designed, full-color textbook offers a comprehensive introduction to the world's religions, including history, beliefs, worship practices, and contemporary expressions. Charles Farhadian, a seasoned teacher and recognized expert on world religions, provides an empathetic account that both affirms Christian uniqueness and encourages openness to various religious traditions. His nuanced, ecumenical perspective enables readers to appreciate both Christianity and the world's religions in new ways. The book highlights similarities, dissimilarities, and challenging issues for Christians and includes significant selections from sacred texts to enhance learning. Pedagogical features include sidebars, charts, key terms, an extensive glossary, over two hundred illustrations, and about a dozen maps.


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