I just had sex on the beach

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i just had sex on the beach

The Hazards of Sex on the Beach (Hazards, #3) by Alyssa Rose Ivy

One broken heart, one drink too many, one steamy night in the sand...

No one warns you about the dangers of drinking with a broken heart. At least no one warned me. I never imagined Id fall for a musician, especially not one like Chase, but then again I never expected to have my heart broken into a million pieces by the frat guy I thought was the love of my life.

Sometimes its the rash decisions, like hooking up in the sand, that lead you to the best places—the kinds of places where its possible to let yourself fall in love again.
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T Spoon - Sex On The Beach (Drop Da Funks 2013 Summermix)

13 Real People Share Stories of Having Sex on the Beach

Having sex on the beach is a lot like eating a chili cheese corn dog: amazing in theory, but messy as hell in reality. In your fantasies, you're making sweet love in the moonlight to the sound of waves crashing against the shore; in reality, you're dodging roving flashlight beams and picking sand out of places you didn't know existed. So what's it really like to have sex on the beach? We scoured Reddit for real people's stories of getting down and dirty literally in the sand: the good, the bad, and the incredibly uncomfortable. Check out their sex-on-the-beach stories below.

In the movies, when a couple has sex on the beach, it's always spontaneous, romantic, almost magical. But let's be real, if you try to do that, you'll likely end up with sand where it's not supposed to be—and not much else. That doesn't mean you can't have beach sex, it just means you need to prepare before you take the plunge. She even suggests running through a few "what if" scenarios—like "What if it starts raining? That might sound like work the opposite of what sex is supposed to be , but think of it like planning a mini-vacation. You're giving yourself and your sexual partner something to look forward to, which can only help up the ante when the moment finally comes. Besides checking your weather app for rain, these expert-approved tips will help ensure having sex on the beach is actually fun:.

That being said, there are some strategies for making the most out of the experience.
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1. Make sure it's legal.

Skip navigation! Story from Sex. This article was originally published on May 27, More than regular public sex , sex on the beach poses a very specific set of risks. There's sand, sweat, salt, and, oh right — other beachgoers who might not appreciate you getting hot and heavy a few towels over. A fortunate few have gotten away with it, either doing it in the water or finding a secluded spot after dark. These stories usually have an air of romance and excitement about them; the ones where the adventurous couple gets caught, on the other hand, have a slightly different feel.

This kid also happened to be a current fling of mine. One night when a bunch of our friends spent the night out at the bars, this guy and I decided to make it a date -night not something I do too often. We went to dinner, grabbed a couple of drinks, and made our way back to his place for a movie on his outdoor patio, you know — one of the nice-ass ones with a full bar and outdoor entertainment system. Fucking on the beach. Being that we were on a strip of beach that housed higher-end beach home mansions , it was a private beach and very often empty. So we grabbed a blanket and headed down, sticking fairly close to his property still, just too make sure we were as secluded as we could be. The beginning was fun, making out and a blow job is pretty doable.

Donna Turner August 19, Spring is in full swing, which means that a lucky few of us are already off visiting warmer climes, and the rest of us are busy making plan to do so come July. And, for those of us banking on a beach vacation to destress, sex is undoubtedly part of the plan. Look out for natural cover from prying eyes and sand-carrying gusts of wind. Also it might be a good idea for you to know when high and low tide come in for your chosen beach. Double duh. A big beach umbrella works wonders for keeping you out of view of other beachgoers, and likewise a couple of foldable chairs can provide some coverage for your carnal carrying-on.


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