Raf the battle of britain 1940 board game

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raf the battle of britain 1940 board game

Battle of Britain: Harry Woods, England, 1939-1941 by Chris Priestley

Ive watched and played games about the various wars but reading about it has never really gripped me or floated my boat. I picked this book up wanting something small to read..Quick and simple I thought to myself..Turned out due to personal obligations this book took longer to read which kinda broke the flow and unknown to me I was like two chapters away from the end of the story too. Never the less I did enjoy taking a step back into Harrys shoes and what it was like to fly a Spitfire during the Second World War.

This story is SO different from Mill Girl which Id just recently finished..This really isnt a diary account like Mill Girl was. Basically it was like you were LIVING in the moment and following Harry around or you could even believe you were actually taking him on and living his life, like in the way you do with video game characters.

I can see why boys would enjoy this story, the book does a little gloss over a maybe romance but thats nothing compared to all the action packed adventures that Harry goes on. Flying high up in the skies hoping to strike down a Nazi or in some cases being HIT himself and having to save his own bacon.

One part of the story tells you about this film crew coming in to capture what its like to be fighting for your country...But wow the guy wasnt happy when the pilots didnt do everything just correct. It seemed so stupid and petty and tried to make them feel bad because he had a job to do as well. Im not saying it was bad to capture what they were doing but to complain that they werent doing it correctly just seems so trivial compared to what these guys were doing.

Now the story centres around Harry Wood and his love of flying since a little one..He was never able to shake it from his system so one thing lead to another and he got his chance to fly...Of course when the war happened he was conscripted to fly for his country. He meets a whole gaggle of different characters but one stands out, Lenny. They become the best of buds after a rocky start of introductions. Its no spoiler because the blurb tells you that Lenny loses his leg due to a dogfight with a Luftwaffe and after that Lennys life is changed for good.

Youll learn about Harrys family and how much his mother is scared but proud of his son, the father who seems indifferent but just wants his son to come back in one piece and finally his sister who is a nurse during the war.

Again like Mill Girl, the book is filled with historic truths and right at the back youll be filled in on extra details that didnt make it into the actual story..That part is like reading a history book but it doesnt bamboozle you..It also goes into a bit more detail about things that happened in the story itself so youll be able to paint a bigger picture into your mind.

Ill end on that Harry is a very likeable character, seems a little cocky but not in a way that is stupid. Hes full of life, he wants to live his dream and boy does he!
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RAF: Battle of Britain 1940 (Decision Games) Part 1

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Chris Priestley

Board game:RAF August 1940: The Battle of Britain

It recreates the tense minute-by-minute 'plotting board' battles between RAF fighter controllers and the Luftwaffe air raids. As the RAF player order fighter squadrons to scramble as the enemy raids form up on radar. As your pilots gain precious height, breaking through the low layers of cloud, vector them to intercept raids or order them to patrol vital targets. Despatch Hurricanes to surprise the enemy bombers from out of the sun while Spitfires tangle with the Luftwaffe escort fighters. Then get your squadons home double-quick to rearm and refuel before the next wave arrives.

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Gannic Leader! Carfax calling!
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Number of players. - I spent two evenings cutting out the counters which required some extra work and care than other games I own. I had to use an X-acto knife to cut the counters apart at the corners, which would otherwise have torn apart because the die cut at the manufacturers was shallow.

In the Summer of , following resounding military victories against Denmark and Norway, Nazi Germany set its sights on Britain. And so he would deploy them again in an attempt to intimidate Britain into peace negotiations. Towards the end of the air battle, Germany began its eight-month blitz bombing campaign to cripple Britain's war economy — which also did not have the desired effect. The Battle of Britain - named by Winston Churchill before it even began - was the first major defeat for Germany in World War II, and although the war continued for five more years, it is widely seen as one of a just a handful of 'turning points' for the allied forces. It began with a series of Luftwaffe raids on shipping convoys in the Channel.

Mediterranean and Middle East. It has been described as the first major military campaign fought entirely by air forces. The primary objective of the German forces was to compel Britain to agree to a negotiated peace settlement. In July , the air and sea blockade began, with the Luftwaffe mainly targeting coastal-shipping convoys, ports and shipping centres, such as Portsmouth. Eventually, it employed terror bombing on areas of political significance and on civilians. The Germans had rapidly overwhelmed France and the Low Countries , leaving Britain to face the threat of invasion by sea. The German high command knew the difficulties of a seaborne attack [22] and its impracticality while the Royal Navy controlled the English Channel and the North Sea.


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