The dream 2017 action trailer

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the dream 2017 action trailer

The Coldest City by Antony Johnston

As Communism collapses and the Berlin Wall crumbles, an undercover MI6 spy is killed while carrying priceless information--a list containing the name of every spy in Berlin.

But no list is found on his body.

MI6 sends veteran operative Lorraine Broughton to recover the list. But she walks into a powder keg of social unrest, counter-espionage, defections gone bad, and secret assassinations...

The Coldest City is a brand new spy thriller from author Antony Johnston and artist Sam Hart that revitalizes classic espionage fiction and revels in the paranoia and mistrust boiling over at the epicenter of the Cold War.
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Published 22.09.2019

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Antony Johnston

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