Enchanted dolls made by marina bychkova

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enchanted dolls made by marina bychkova

Enchanted Doll by Marina Bychkova

This doll artist is incredible and so is this book. Marina Bychkova doesnt just make one of a kind dolls. They are pieces of art. She hand makes everything you see on the doll, top to toe. She hand sculpts the entire body head and body structure. Making no two dolls the same in anyway. Marina is a trained jewelry maker, so every piece of head gear, ornate crowns, shoes, bodices on the dolls are hand made by her. She even incorporates precious metals, gems, and stones making these dolls practically priceless. The doll on the cover which is one of two Cinderella creations she has made was auctioned on eBay for over $70,000. Clearly. these dolls are not just pretty recreations, but artistic pieces.

You do not have to particularly interested in dolls, but if you like fine art and the process that goes into making these sort of art pieces, I recommend just giving it a peak to get an idea of her craftsmanship.

Since I will never be able to own one of these dolls, I settled graciously for the book instead, which is a treasure in itself.

This book is rather hard to get because there was such a limited print on it. But Alibris, Amazon, Barnes and Noble market place are great places to check if interested. It unfortunately most likely will not be a book you would be able to locate in a library.
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Art of Enchanted Dolls (NUDITY) by Marina Bychkova

Enchanted Doll

Your account is not active. We have sent an email to the address you provided with an activation link. Check your inbox, and click on the link to activate your account. Dolls might be seen as toys, but in the right hands they can become enchanting art. Russian jeweler artist and designer Marina Bychkova, who lives in Canada, creates stunning one-of-a-kind ball-jointed porcelain dolls for adults. Marina says that her calling for creating dolls became evident back when she was only 6.

These dolls are definitely not for children. She was born in the days of the Soviet Union in Novokuznetsk, but since lives in Vancouver. Bychkova makes stunningly realistic dolls for adults from porcelain and polyurethane. Possessing unique skills and style, the artist invents and brings to life a fairy puppet with a live look, appreciated by fans and collectors all over the world. Each of them has its own soul and its own destiny.

Solaris is currently available. Please contact me at inquiries enchanteddoll. You can follow any responses to this entry through the RSS 2. I love working on the little details of things. There is a danger in it though, if you spend too much time on the details you could get lost in them and the only way out is by making even smaller details.

– One-of-a-kind. Commissioned piece. I used vintage French lace.
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Princess and the Pea 2011

She doesn't remember what originally inspired her to begin creating dolls, but she does remember a single moment — a few years later — that forever transformed her growing interest in doll construction into a lifelong pursuit. Unfortunately, her family was unable to afford the iconic doll.,




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