Try don t laugh challenge

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try don t laugh challenge

Try Not to Laugh Challenge LOL Joke Book Valentines Day Edition: Silly, Clean Joke for Kids Funny Valentine Jokes Every Kid Should Know! Ages 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, & 12 Years Old by Howling Moon Books

Valentine’s Day Joke Book for Kids! Where does cupid get his arrows?
What did the sloth say to his sweetie?
What song did the pastry chef sing to his girlfriend? Valentine-tastic Punch Lines Inside this Book! Spread the Love with these Cupid Approved Jokes that the Whole Family will Enjoy!This Special Valentine’s Day Edition can be used as a Traditional Joke Book or you canPlay the Popular Don’t Laugh Challenge Joke Game!A Really Fun Interactive Game for Kids, Teens, & Adults!Clean, Valentine Jokes, Silly Riddles & Punny Knock-Knocks that are perfect forValentine’s Day Parties, Family & Friends! Great Gift for for Kids, Tweens, Teens & Adults! Dont Laugh Challenge Game Rules Pick your team, or go one on one.
Sit across from each other & make eye contact.
Take turns reading jokes to each other.
You can make silly faces, funny sound effects, etc.
When your opponent laughs, you get a point!
First team to win 3 points, Wins! Great Gift for any Budding Comedian! Telling Jokes Builds Confident Kids, & Laughter Makes Everyone Happy! Happy Valentine’s Day!
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