Tom jones as a comic epic in prose

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tom jones as a comic epic in prose

The History of Tom Jones, a Foundling by Henry Fielding

A foundling of mysterious parentage brought up by Mr. Allworthy on his country estate, Tom Jones is deeply in love with the seemingly unattainable Sophia Western, the beautiful daughter of the neighboring squire—though he sometimes succumbs to the charms of the local girls. When Tom is banished to make his own fortune and Sophia follows him to London to escape an arranged marriage, the adventure begins. A vivid Hogarthian panorama of eighteenth-century life, spiced with danger and intrigue, bawdy exuberance and good-natured authorial interjections, Tom Jones is one of the greatest and most ambitious comic novels in English literature.

   • Includes a chronology, suggestions for further reading, notes, glossary, and an appendix of Fieldings revisions
   • Introduction discusses narrative tecniques and themes, the context of eighteenth-century fiction and satire, and the historical and political background of the Jacobite revolution
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Picaresque novel - explained in hindi with notes in english -

'Tom Jones' Fielding's masterpiece and in all probability the greatest novel of the eighteenth century, was written between and
Henry Fielding

Tom Jones Comic Epic

The works of Daniel Defoe and Richardson pioneered the novel can be called for, and as the 18th century British realist fiction master of Henry Fielding 's novel theory and creative practice of the establishment and development of the English novel from the role can not be ignored, and occupies a very important position in the history of the development of British fiction. At the same time to strengthen the text reading deepen the understanding and analysis of prose comedy epic theory. The first chapter from Fielding's novel creative process followed by the attempt to establish the process; explain what the comic epic in prose, to find its theoretical basis and features; once again, Overview Fielding to analyze its comic epic in prose theory comic epic in prose theory as the core of the realist novel writing ideas. The creative principle of realism, fiction and epic comedy reached a good combination. The epilogue is about how to properly look at the achievements and limitations of Fielding comic epic in prose theory, and Fielding's works and literary theory has significance in literary history.

Henry Fielding, the author of Tom Jones, once famously defined the novel as a " comic epic in prose." This turns out to be a surprisingly.
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H enry Fielding, the author of Tom Jones, once famously defined the novel as a "comic epic in prose. A novel is prose, you see, because it's not poetry. It's an epic, since it's not a lyric; novels tell stories rather than set moods. And it's comic mostly in the sense that it isn't tragic; the novel as an art-form wants to end with more weddings than funerals. Each of these elements is routinely violated by books we'd all want to call novels, but what else is there to say about the genre? Fielding's definition does at least express the fact that when we pick up something labeled a "novel," we reasonably expect a story of human characters reacting to one another in social situations: meeting and parting, marrying and burying. Indeed, one of the pleasures of reading fiction is its concentration on how "real people" think and act.


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