Akc list of smartest dogs

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akc list of smartest dogs

Best Dogs: Most Popular Dog Breeds, Best Dog Breeds for Kids and Families, Smartest Dogs, Easiest Dogs to Train, Best Apartment Dogs, Best Guard Dogs, ... with Allergies, Best Dog Names and More by Colette Stevens

This book is all about the best dogs in different categories.

Although dogs share many similarities, there are unique characteristics within breeds that make certain dogs more desirable in some categories than others.

We will go in depth and look at the TopTen most popular dogs according to the AKC (American Kennel Club). This is a list that is constantly changing and this is the most current for the year ending 2010. We will also over characteristics of the Top Ten Dogs and any special needs for care, training, exercise and socialization.

We will provide information on the best dogs for people that suffer with allergies, the best dogs for people that live in apartments and the best dogs for kids and families.

There is a list for the smartest dogs here and those dogs that are considered the least intelligent as well.

If you are looking for the easiest dogs to train, there is a list on that here also.

Looking for a good guard dog? We present the most current list on the top guard dog breeds.

Want to know what dogs shed the least? Yes, you will find the top non-shedding dogs here.

Have you ever wondered what breeds require the most veterinary care? You will find the answer here.

Other lists here include: easiest dogs to house train, top drooling dogs, top noisiest dogs and most gassy dogs.

We even have something for seniors with our list on the best dogs for the elderly.

Finally we offer up many of the most popular names today for both male and female dogs. So if you are looking for creative ideas for dog names, this will be just what you need.

You will find this a fun, informative and helpful book, worthy of placement on any reference shelf.
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AKC Recognized New Dog Breeds

These Are the Top 10 Smartest Dog Breeds, According to Experts If you look at this list, you'll find that the only tiny pup is the papillon. The Australian Cattle Dog sits outside of the top 50 in AKC's popularity rankings, but.
Colette Stevens

Top 100 Most Intelligent Dog Breeds – The Complete Guide to How Smart Dogs Are Measured

I've been an online writer for over eight years. My articles often focus on pet ownership and my travels through national parks! This list was compiled by Stanley Coren, a professor of canine psychology at the University of British Colombia, and published in his book, The Intelligence of Dogs. Here is a list of one hundred of the smartest dog breeds in descending order, with the smartest breed at the end. Afghan Hound: This breed has a unique appearance, with silky, flowing hair and a runway-model build. While beautiful, the Afghan Hound can be hard to train because hounds have a reputation of being stubborn and fiercely independent. Basenji: This medium-sized hunting breed, also nicknamed the "barkless dog," is one of only a few breeds that don't bark much.

Most dogs are smart, but in different ways: Working breeds learn how to perform jobs quickly because of their instincts and natural abilities, while other breeds are motivated based on their strong desire to please. But intelligence alone doesn't automatically make a good pet. To bring out you… Most dogs are smart, but in different ways: Working breeds learn how to perform jobs quickly because of their instincts and natural abilities, while other breeds are motivated based on their strong desire to please. A remarkably bright workaholic, the Border Collie is an amazing dog—maybe a bit too amazing fo…. The Briard packs so much loyalty, love, and spirit into its ample frame that it's often described…. The pride of Wonalancet, New Hampshire, the Chinook is a rugged working dog and devoted family pe…. Sleek and powerful, possessing both a magnificent physique and keen intelligence, the Doberma….

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When potential owners begin looking into dog breeds, researching basic breed information is a must. Though not the best at following commands, they excel in other areas. Stanley Coren , a canine psychologist from the University of British Columbia , developed a criteria for ranking dog intelligence. With his criteria, Coren contacted obedience trial judges from the American and Canadian Kennel Club to help evaluate and rank various dog breeds. He received responses , which represented half of obedience judges in North America at the time. In addition, only dog breeds that received at least evaluations qualified for his final rankings. As a result, he was able to fine-tune his system and famously rank every single recognized breed.

While all dogs make for best friends, some are, um, more lovably clueless than others. But when it comes to working intelligence i. After surveying almost dog-obedience judges, psychologist Stanley Coren named these breeds as the best of the bunch in his book The Intelligence of Dogs. Coren evaluated breeds' levels of intelligence based on instincts, obedience, and ability to adapt. But pet behavior specialist Sarah Hodgson says it's all relative. One example is a hound, because although they're not receptive, they have superior senses of sight and smell.

Pack Leaders always want to believe that their dog is the smartest on the block, and while this may be true, a smart dog can come in many forms. Let us know in the comments! Here are ours for the comments:. Also, please note that because of volume , we are unable to respond to individual comments, although we do watch them in order to learn what issues and questions are most common so that we can produce content that fulfills your needs. You are welcome to share your own dog tips and behavior solutions among yourselves, however Thank you for reading our articles and sharing your thoughts with the pack!


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    Most dogs are smart, but in different ways. Learn which breeds are known for being intelligent and how to bring out your dog's natural smarts. AKC Celebrating Years Logo .. Smartest Dog Breeds . TV · Top Boy Dog Names · Top Girl Dog Names · Hypoallergenic Dog Breeds · How to Potty.

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