What is sir francis drakes full name

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what is sir francis drakes full name

Hell at the Breech by Tom Franklin

In 1897, an aspiring politician is mysteriously murdered in the rural area of Alabama known as Mitcham Beat. His outraged friends -- —mostly poor cotton farmers -- form a secret society, Hell-at-the-Breech, to punish the townspeople they believe responsible. The hooded members wage a bloody year-long campaign of terror that culminates in a massacre where the innocent suffer alongside the guilty. Caught in the maelstrom of the Mitcham war are four people: the aging sheriff sympathetic to both sides; the widowed midwife who delivered nearly every member of Hell-at-the-Breech; a ruthless detective who wages his own war against the gang; and a young store clerk who harbors a terrible secret.

Based on incidents that occurred a few miles from the authors childhood home, Hell at the Breech chronicles the events of dark days that led the people involved to discover their capacity for good, evil, or for both.

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GCSE History: What was the significance of Francis Drake's circumnavigation of the globe?

Eliot, T.
Tom Franklin

What did Sir Francis Drake discover, and why is he so famous?

Sir Francis Drake c. In , Drake was chosen as the leader of an expedition intended to pass around South America, through the Strait of Magellan, and explore the coast that lay beyond. Drake successfully completed the journey and was knighted by Queen Elizabeth I upon his triumphant return. In Drake saw action in the English defeat of the Spanish Armada, though he died in from dysentery after undertaking an unsuccessful raiding mission. After defeat at Nombre de Dios, Drake's fleet moved farther west and anchored off the coast of Portobelo, Panama.

Sir Francis Drake — to the Spanish, a wayward pirate; to the English, a hero. He could be considered a morally dubious hero in many ways, perhaps even a villain, but was still incredibly influential in Tudor times. Drake c. His father, Edmund Drake, was a farmer and preacher. The family later moved to Kent , where they lived in an old ship and it was there that his fascination with sailing began. Francis had a trading ship left to him by his apprenticeship boss at the age of 20, which was perhaps the catalyst for his historic naval achievements.

Sir Francis Drake c. Drake carried out the second circumnavigation of the world in a single expedition, from to , and was the first to complete the voyage as captain while leading the expedition throughout the entire circumnavigation. With his incursion into the Pacific Ocean , he claimed what is now California for the English and inaugurated an era of conflict with the Spanish on the western coast of the Americas, [4] an area that had previously been largely unexplored by western shipping. As a Vice Admiral , he was second-in-command of the English fleet in the battle against the Spanish Armada in Drake's exploits made him a hero to the English, but his privateering led the Spanish to brand him a pirate , known to them as El Draque.

Sir Francis Drake was an English sea captain, privateer, slave trader, naval officer and explorer After Drake's death, the widow Elizabeth eventually married Sir William Courtenay of Powderham. .. During the Victorian era, in a spirit of nationalism, the story was promoted that Elizabeth I had done the knighting.
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British Broadcasting Corporation Home. Francis Drake was born in Tavistock, Devon in around and went to sea at an early age. In , Drake made one of the first English slaving voyages as part of a fleet led by his cousin John Hawkins, bringing African slaves to work in the 'New World'. All but two ships of the expedition were lost when attacked by a Spanish squadron. The Spanish became a lifelong enemy for Drake and they in turn considered him a pirate. In and , Drake made two profitable trading voyages to the West Indies.


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