Happiness makes up in height what it lacks in length

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happiness makes up in height what it lacks in length

Quote by Robert Frost: “Happiness Makes Up in Height For What It Lacks ...”

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Published 30.09.2019

Happiness Makes Up in Height

'Happiness Makes Up In Height, What It Lacks In Length' - Poem by Fiona O'Connor

Reprinted with permission. Looking forward to more bright weather ahead! Your roses are beautiful, too! Actually, Deb, they are peony which brings to the point that I am not a hugely successful floral painter! Did you see International Artist this month? The whole first section of the magazine was filled with amazing florals!!!

I committed this poem to memory soon after I first read it, decades ago. I do not find the first lines murky. Nor any of the lines. It is nearly perfect. Frost is talking about experience, how mixed it is, and how we remember the moments of happiness, in spite of the vast majority of moments spent in confusion, groping for meaning or transcendence. The truly clear, splendid moments are few, and when they occur, they are almost too brilliant for us -- we cast about for a change of solitude.

My dress, blue sunlight playing in the dusty summer air swirling around me visible showing the faults that I I ignore for now Your smile, bright and the words we say float on a breeze to a better, happier place and so we float on the dust, on the sun, the summer and we float unto eternity Yet, even if it doesn't seem to eternity does end and realization pierces through the dusty haze and realization stops the breeze cold in its tracks eternity does end so why bother because, oh because. Share this poem:. Fiona O'Connor. Autoplay next video. There is no comment submitted by members.. Read this poem in other languages.





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    “Happiness Makes Up in Height For What It Lacks in Length Oh, stormy stormy world, The days you were not swirled. Around with mist and cloud, Or wrapped as .

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    His father, a journalist, died when Frost was about eleven years old.

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    Happiness Makes Up In Height What It Lacks In Length. | Flickr

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