What is a pke meter

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what is a pke meter

Ghostbusters: P.K.E. Meter by Running Press

This deluxe kit includes a 4 mini replica of the Psychokinetic Energy (P.K.E.) Meter from the 1984 classic film, Ghostbusters!
Complete with light and sound features, this cool gadget will help aspiring Ghostbusters to locate and track anything strange in their neighborhood, be it a ghost, paranormal substances, or a cursed artifact. Kit also includes a mini book of full-color stickers.
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Meter was one of the Ghostbusters' tools invented by Dr. Egon Spengler that enabled them to track ghosts and other entities. During Ghostbusters II, Egon appears to have developed a much more advanced P.K.E. Just like in the films, it is used to detect ghosts and other paranormal.
Running Press

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The P. Meter was one of the Ghostbusters' tools invented by Dr. Egon Spengler that enabled them to track ghosts and other entities. The full name of the device is a Psychokinetic Energy Meter, so named because its function is to detect the amounts of said energy and to direct the user to its location. The design of the device is a small screen, mounted on a handle, which has a pair of sensor 'wings' protruding from either side. These wings have lights along their length, and will flash and extend as the meter closes in on the source of a P.

It was used to track ghosts and give readings of Psycho Kinetic Energy. The original prop used in the films was a rented piece supplied by a company by the name of Modern Props. It had been discovered that the main shell of the prop was in fact a hand held Iona Shoe Polisher , an SP-1 model more specifically, that was gutted and redressed with lights and other electronics to give the prop better effects. Iona shoe polishers tend to pop up on eBay sparsely due to their rare nature and vintage quality. It was first announced that it would be available at San Diego Comic Con in the Summer of , and began to sell exclusively on Mattycollector. Due to shipping and warehousing delays, the products were not shipped out until over two weeks later. The wings can be put in lowered, fully-raised, and halfway-raised positions.

Precious little technical data on the device remains, leaving us unable to replicate its functionality. However, the flashing, spreading wings serve as a strong visual indicator of danger, and [mosivers] decided this would be perfect for a Geiger counter build. An OLED display is used to display the numerical data to the user. The enclosure and folding wings are 3D printed, and fitted with 80s-style yellow LEDs as per the original movie prop. In a very real sense, it makes using a Geiger counter much more straightforward for the inexperienced or the hearing impaired. Video after the break.

P.K.E. Meter

When they need to cut costs, producers will occasionally re-use and recycle props that were used in other films. Here are 10 that keep turning up in movie after movie. Joss Whedon revealed this tidbit on The Avengers ' special edition Blu-ray.




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